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Dan Delaney
Technical Manager, Software Developer. Proud husband of a wife I don't deserve, and father of 2 fantastic kids. #LFC fan.
Technical Manager, Software Developer. Proud husband of a wife I don't deserve, and father of 2 fantastic kids. #LFC fan.

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Haven't shared anything in a while...

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In my fever dream, I imagine an alternate universe in which Comcast needs to call to cancel their attempted merger with Time-Warner cable. 

In that alternate universe, Comcast would first have to speak with a "Deal Cancellation Specialist" who, in my mind, could be none other than +Ryan Block (

It would go a little something like this...

Comcast:  We’d like to cancel the deal please…

Ryan: Help me understand why you don’t want to be moar internet.

Comcast: Help me understand why you can’t just cancel the deal.

Ryan: I’m trying to help you. You’re not letting me help you you.

Comcast:  You can help me by cancelling the deal

Ryan:  How is that helping you?

Comcast: Because that’s what I want.

Ryan: Why is that what you want?

Comcast: Because that’s what I want.

Ryan: There has to be some sort of reason behind it…. We just want to find out what it is that’s causing a deal that's been in the works for 18 months to just fall through.

Comcast: That’s none of your business. Your business is to cancel the deal.

Ryan: If we don’t know why the deal is being cancelled, how can we make this a better experience for you next time?

Comcast: That’s a fantastic question and something that you can hire a firm to figure out. … Can you cancel the deal by phone? Yes or no?

Ryan: Why don’t you want this deal? You’re not interested in pwning ALL the Internets?

Comcast: Are you capable of cancelling the deal?

Ryan: It’s something we can do.

Comcast: I would appreciate you now doing that. Please proceed in cancelling the deal…

Ryan: Why don’t you want an even bigger monopoly? You don't want to swim in a pool of money like Scrooge McDuck?

Comcast: Is this a joke? Are you punking us right now?

Ryan: I’m terribly sorry it feels to you like I’m trying to punk you. I’m just trying to help you out and get some information. We’ll just bypass all this information. I’ll go ahead and cancel the deal. It’s really a shame to see you go after spending millions on "grassroots campaigns" and love letters from politicians. No one else can guarantee all the things like this deal can. I can get you more than 40% of the subscribers in the United States, eventually giving your customers 5x fewer choices in broadband. I can help you pimp-slap the American consumer like Tyrion going off on Joffrey. Speaking of Joffrey, who cares! Because once you own all the pipes, nobody will see HBO unless you allow it! what about those services are you not wanting?

Comcast: Are you done? You literally just a moment ago said you’d go ahead and cancel the deal and that’s what we’re going to need to do.

Ryan: We’re going through that process. I’m just asking some questions…

Comcast: Can you tell me how much longer it’s going to take?

Ryan: It’s going to take a couple more minutes here. What about the deal is making you want to change?

Comcast: I’m good. I’m just going to wait until you can confirm that you’ve canceled the deal.

Ryan: Well you’re all set. You know what, it’s cancelled. I’m really sorry to see you go to some other deal that can’t give you what we can. But I’d like to thank you for being part of the biggest attempted scam of the American consumer in recent memory. Have a wonderful day.

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Oh dear. At least they were humble about it!

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Christmas Serial - Saturday Night Live:

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Great stuff from +Alex Dobie

Android 5.0 Lollipop review

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So apparently the Nexus 5 may be my last Nexus phone unless they bring out another 5" device in the future.  6-inch phone is just far too big for me. 

Look forward to getting Android Lollipop 5.0 on my Nexus 5 though - the preview was great.

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My son will find this hilarious when he's older.... 

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One of the first sites I bookmarked, in it's GeoCities days. So long ago. 
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