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Thanks Dave!
I had a blast chatting with +Alex Moore, CEO and co-founder of Baydin. If you use email you should know about Baydin's products like Boomerang and The Email Game.

I love how he visited Silicon Valley for two weeks to network and seek funding for his company. He went to a different tech networking event every night to make the connections he needed to grow Baydin.

It's an amazing story you should hear for yourself on the podcast. Check it out. 

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Ever wanted a label where you could go to find every message you've sent that hasn't been answered? One of our customers, +Matt Galligan asked for something like this a few months ago. 

Apps Script is a very powerful, lightweight way to build small email (and document, and spreadsheet) utilities. Here's a post on the Google Developer Blog that describes how we used Apps Script to solve this problem for +Gmail users!

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Excited to head to Austin for SXSW tomorrow! If you want to meet up, let me know.

Moah and I will be speaking on a panel about doing a startup as a couple also!

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#MIT researchers shrink triple-negative breast tumors in mice using nanoparticles that carry the #cancer drug doxorubicin, as well as short strands of RNA that can shut off one of the genes that cancer cells use to escape the drug. More: #medicine #health #chemicalengineering

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Exponential growth is a phenomenon for social games, messaging services, and not much else... you should expect discovery and saturation of marketing channels to drive your early growth numbers -- resulting in growth that's polynomial, rather than linear or exponential. 
We have all heard about "hockey stick growth", when revenue hits an inflection point and takes off at an exponential rate. In this episode of Root Access, +Alex Moore  from the startup Baydin tells +Don Dodge that you can do quite well, even if you don't get exponential growth, by his method for user acquisition, optimizing one channel at a time.

#startup #startuptips #gdl  

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This was fun! Thanks again for having me. 
This morning +Don Dodge and I shot new episodes for Root Access, the show on Google Developer Live about startups. We answered viewer questions and we had some great guests, like +Alex Moore  who told us about the "hockey stick myth".

Check out the listings on! New Root Access episodes usually come out on Mondays and Fridays.

#startups #gdl

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the feedback you've given is nice
like flavorless colorless rice
we like to have fun
when our work is done
so go kill yourself.

There's a poet lurking inside of all of us. Sometimes, annoying customer email is all it takes to bring it out. Nicely done, Lo! (we didn't send it. but we wanted to.)

Worst thing about Chromecast? I keep reading it as Comcast. And nobody likes Comcast.

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I think we're now a platform. Crazy. Someone just built an extension to automate our extension...
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