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Dan Kapusta
A software engineer with an English degree.
A software engineer with an English degree.

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#DevTools Tip: Drag HTML into the editor

While in the Elements Panel, you can click and drag DOM nodes directly into your code editor.
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This is pretty rad.
Just Go Be Awesome

That's all. No time to waste today people. Go!  #DailyKickInThePants  

#cinemagraph   #creativity   #inspiration  
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Let's see some hot browser on REST api action.
Consuming REST APIs with Restangular / AngularJS binding with Realtime APIs
Most apps need to communicate with servers to store and share data, and many of those apps do so through Restful APIs or realtime data services. In this month's meetup, our two speakers are going to show us two powerful tools to facilitate this communication. Martin Gontovnikas, author of Restangular, will demonstrate how the Restangular service provides easy, boilerplate-free REST API interaction. Jeff Cross from the Angular team will be presenting on a new module to facilitate realtime binding of Angular models with various Realtime APIs.

6-6.30p PT: Consuming REST APIs with Restangular (Martin Gontovnikas) 
6.30-7p PT: AngularJS binding with Realtime APIs (Jeff Cross of the AngularJS team) 
7p - Q&A

Join us in person (RSVP starting 9/3 at, doors open at 5:30p PT).

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The numbers in this one seem like the decimal was misplaced.

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This is making me itchy.
Remember the robot spiders from "Runaway" w/ Tom Selleck? They're pretty much totally real now:

PhantomX terrain walking

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trying to find a little peace of mind
in melodies and memory
from the fear and attraction
of a fickle love.

in the reflection of a memory
you were 17, i was 23
we gave up our tears
to a neon sky.

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Jetpacks are rad.
The practicality of jetpacks explored. I still want one though, don't you?

Had a highly unusual day today...

Had a proper english breakfast, visited Apple and then visited the Goog and saw +vint cerf (omg) then visited the HP Garage and was spontaneously photographed for an article in Le Monde (I guess?) and had an english inspired dinner with spotted dick for dessert. Now watching the opening ceremonies. #amazingday  
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