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Week in Review | Governor Perry on Securing the Border, Texas Economic Growth & Job Creation.  
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.@GovernorPerry w/ @seanhannity on what it will take to #securetheborder. Tune in 9:00pm CT tonight on @FoxNews 
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Why is Texas Attorney General and Texas Governor asking for the Texas National Guard to be called to the border, if the Governor has already called them to active duty?
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Texas DPS patrolling the sky above the Texas-Mexico border.
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Here's Texas protecting an entire nation while our President plays pool and solicits his socialist donors.
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ICYMI: Governor Perry was on with Hannity last night, discussing the Texas border surge and his meeting with the President. 
Hannity will air Part 2 of his interview Governor Perry Tonight on Fox News 9:00PM CT.
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How's the water situation down there? Thanks for stealing Toyota from us. Why don't you break off and become your own country so we can tighten our borders and keep you out. I hope Oklahoma never sells you their water ,and your state fails badly.
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Governor Perry on the Texas-Mexico with Texas DPS. #SecureTheBorder
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+Jerry Brink Do you not know, he and Cuellar both informed White House several years ago and continued to do so, about the border. That the sequestration, lowered border patrol agents, to also include a pay cut. Evidently, you know nothing about Texas economic growth either. Can you actually blame a drought on any politician? Who needs to do their research? Please do so objectively. Do you even live in Texas? 
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ICYMI: Governor Perry on ABC's ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos and Martha Raddatz #securetheborder.
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w woof
All we, as taxpayers, deserve, is protected borders. Not Schools, not EPA, not Obamacare, not all these silly programs.  Please tell us why this has not happened. Why are 11 million illegal aliens trespassing on our border? Really, why? Of course it's about the future low information voter and what can the tax payer(government) do for me. What happened to "ask not what your Country can do for you  but what you can do for your Country. JFK
Ask the American Indians how that open border thingy worked out for them.
And why does the unelected Supreme Court rule us and they are not elected, why?
God help us all.
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Happy Independence Day!
Today, we celebrate the courage and the vision our founding fathers showed in laying down the moral foundation of what would become the greatest nation in history.
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Happy Independence Day!
Thank you, to all fellow members for our Freedom.
God Bless America. PinkLady®
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