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When someone comes to me asks me what are my beliefs, I wouldn't give them a straight forward answer, even i Know I can,

My first response is truth, theres truth and there is the opposite of truth. I believe in that.

They would then clarify what is your religious belief, I would say the truth.

they would say which is? I would say #Islam .

They would say.
The says....
there is something about the quran....which says...

My question would be did you read the quran?

They actually would reply in the positive, "yes"

And when I mean read, did you investigate it in detail what the words mean and understand what is the message?

The answer would be "yes"
And after all that you still don't believe?

They would reply. I don't beleive.

My next reply is.

Someone is lying.

Either you are lying or I am lying.

My background on quran deals, with estymology of the quran language, either you are lieing or I am. I know I am not lying because I can talk about it.

Subject is changed.
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This is an actual hypocritical scnerio that happened with me, the individual was lieing. I am not trying to be the preachy missionry here, because christion missionary don't want you to read and find things out by yourself...or know what the bible says.
People post many questions about Islam, but the question that is leaved unanswered is it the truth. Often people are distracted how the muslim community is as a whole, actions which they carry out in the name of quran and islam. Leaving them not wanting to know if the quran is true or not.
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