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Great message, and good to be reminded that all that is "not right" today is very temporary in the vast configuration of Life and Being.

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Great summary of the impact of the recent ruling in favor of Verizon.  Have a look and send this forward, if your viewpoint agrees.

Thanks for the invite!  I'm thrilled to be here to share and learn.

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If you'd like to participate in this research, chime in and share with your audience.  Thanks, in advance!
Hi everybody!
A friend of mine, +Gabriella Sannino  ,  is writing an article on SEO intent and natural language in search. She's doing research so I would really appreciate it if you would answer this question for her study:
How do your search for something, (anything): with 1 word or 2 words

If you could reshare this post, that would be cool too because she needs 100 answers total and she only has 30 up to now. Thanks so mucho!!
Eren Mckay
#seo   #seointent   #seotips   #seotools  

Question: How do your search for something, (anything) with 1 word or 2 words? Pls RT & add #SEOintent we're writing an article on this.

Thanks for personally inviting me to your new community, +Justin Wheeler !

I'm an enthusiast of Marketing, both online and off.  When people work with me to bring their business online, they have frequently commented on the fact that I'm "more" than a developer of WordPress websites.  And I am.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the community has to offer and learning from its constituency.  Thanks for having me here.

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If you love your cat (or dog), you could use this trick to tell the world.  
I need to make one of these for Wolfie. ;) (via +Zack Stentz)

Great to be here.  Thanks for setting up this group 
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