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finally on pinterest. who else? also HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;-)
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Not me, but I have put my name down for an invite.

Happy new year Denise! :)
what is your email? you can erase it in about 3 mins or my is caffeinatedandready with gmail.
Thanks, received and activated. :)
eduardihnat at gmail if any left. :)
so what are your nicknames there? how do i follow you ppl?
caffeinejunky I'm going to say that finding people is harder on this socnet than most.Or at least to this blonde girl.
well, quiet simple once you know their nickname. since it's
apart from that.... tried to search for jackie plage, zenith... it gave me lot of weird results. :)
and it's still not working well. :( following/followers doesn't show right numbers and people. i'm following 3 people, but got 4 on list. :)
they were on crack when they designed that part of the site
Yeah, they really haven't made it easy, lol.
oh look who came out of her hibernation cavern +Denise Strässler :D

am i alone in feeling that all this #jaiku gang is the best group to get into any invite site? :D
I briefly was, then I totally forgot about it.
Yep, the jaiku gang is always the place to go looking for invites. I remember the little invite club we had going when Jaiku was still alive, that was fun. :D
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