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International Patenting Made Easy - Explore a variety of Free Patent Resources Enter Website


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Apple filed Patent for Compact Antenna in Mobile Phones
Recently, Apple Inc filed a patent specification for invention titled “TUNABLE ANTENNAS FOR HANDHELD DEVICES” which was published by Indian Patent Office on 17 Jul 2015. The said invention relates to antennas, and more particularly, to compact tunable antennas used in wireless handheld electronic devices.
The Indian patent application Number 447/KOLNP/2015 was filed on 20 Feb 2015. The innovation was classified under IPC H01Q1/24, and H01Q5/00.
The patent application discloses handheld devices that use the tunable multiport antennas and methods for calibrating and using the tunable multiport antennas. Particularly, the tunable multiport antenna has a ground terminal and multiple feed terminals. Each feed terminal can be used with the ground terminal to form a separate antenna port. By selecting which antenna port is active at a given time, the antenna’s operating frequencies can be tuned.
The use of multiple feeds in the radiating element permits tuning without the use of adjustable capacitive loading, which reduces reactive antenna losses and enhances antenna efficiency.
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How to Write a Good Provisional Patent Application
Have a great idea? What about a Patent? What about filing a provisional or nonprovisional/ complete patent specification before the patent office?
What is advisable for research companies: whether to file a provisional or non-provisional/ complete specification before the patent office?
We particularly advise our clients to file provisional patent application before the patent office. It is a cost effective way to secure the patent priority rights for the inventor or startup company. However, the inventor should note that the nonprovisional/ complete patent specification has to filed within 12 months from the first filing date of the provisional patent application.
Moreover, the provisional patent application can include a summary of the invention, details of the invention, broad patent claims if possible, and rough drawings. We generally prefer to write and add broad independent patent claims in the provisional patent application.
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Patent Prosecution in India | PCT National Phase Indian Law Firm
International WIPO Organization for filing International Patents Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) | Advantages of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for Patent Inventors from Prity Khastgir Indian IoT Patent Trademark Attorney
The main stages of patent application process in India before the Indian Patent Office:
Patent Filing before Indian Patent Office
Patent Publication
Patent Examination
Patent Opposition (if any)
Replying to Patent Opposition Raised by Patent Examiner
Indian Patent Grant
Publication of Indian Patent Grant in the Indian Patent Office Journal
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Patent Filing Services in India
Patent Documents Required for Patent filing before Indian Patent Office
Patent Application Form (Form 1)
Request for Early Publication of the Patent (Form 9)
Provisional Patent or Complete Patent Specification (Form 2)
Statement of Foreign Filing (Form 3)
Declaration as to Inventorship (Form 5)
Request for Early Publication (Form 9)
Proof of Right to Apply (Paragraph 9 of Form 1)
Request for Patent Examination (Form 18)
Power of Attorney, if Required (Form 26)
Certified Copy of Convention Application, if required
Abstract of Invention & Drawing(s), if any
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Provisional Patent Application | USPTO Patent Filing
Provisional Patent Application Filing Before the Patent Office

What information to include in a provisional patent application while filing it before US patent office USPTO ?
Many a times, our patent clients ask about what all information we should provide which can be included in the provisional patent application. However, it is a known fact that you get protection for matter you disclose in the patent application. Having said that, it is important to include as much technical information as possible in the provisional patent disclosure.
The provisional patent application should describe the nature of invention & contain the description of essential elements of the invention. A provisional patent application with detailed explanation provides a good skeleton for the patent attorney to convert it into a utility / non-provisional patent application.
For example, a start-up research company is in phase I for making a new antibody to a particular antigen, but lack finances to actually create the antibody itself. Generally, in such a scenario the start-up research company will pitch the idea to the venture capital entities in exchange for the monetary funds needed to create the antibody. It is advisable for the start-up research company to first file a provisional patent application that includes details about the particular antigen and novel description for the same. More details of the main elements should be included in the provisional patent application.
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United States Provisional Patent Services: Types of Patent Applications: Patent Basics 101
USPTO United States Provisional Patent Application for Idea Patent
United States Provisional Patent Services: Important Deadline to be Followed After Filing Provisional Patent Application
Within 12 months of the provisional application filing date (priority patent application date) a corresponding complete / non-provisional patent application has to be filed with the patent claims. However, if you wish to protect the ornamental and aesthetic looks of the device then in this case design application has to be filed. If no corresponding complete / non-provisional patent application is filed with the patent office, the provisional patent application will not be examined.
Moreover, Provisional patent application cannot claim the benefit of a previously-filed application, either foreign patent or domestic patent specification. Specifically, the description of the invention in the provisional application should be detailed. The details in the provisional patent specification will be supported with the claimed subject matter of the invention in the later filed non-provisional patent application.
United States Provisional Patent Services:Why Description of the Provisional Patent Application Should be in Detail?
To reap the benefit of the priority filing date of the provisional patent application, the patent claims in the non provisional / complete patent application should be disclosed in the provisional patent application.
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Patent search consultancy services for US Patent Search | Search for Patents to determine Patentability of Inventions
How to Perform USPTO Patent Search for Inventions to determine Novelty & Inventive Step
Five Steps Procedure for Patent Searching | Your Patent Consultant for Research
Identify the main keywords for your technology
Identify the patent classification based on your keywords (IPC /CPC)
Select the relevant patent applications. (Read the patent claims and refer the patent drawings)
Review Backward and forward citations in the patent applications (Patent & Non-patent References cited by the patent applicant and/or patent examiner may lead you to additional relevant patents)
Broaden your United States US patent search
Perform US patent search by identified inventor name
Perform PCT WIPO patent search
Utilize US patent quick search
US patent search by patent publication/ grant number
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How to Write a Patent Claim : Patent Basics 101
Patent Claims are the most important section of the non-provisional patent document filed before the patent office. The patent claims define the scope of the technology / invention. Specifically, granted patent claims are the legal basis in case of patent infringement suit.
For example, in a case of software patent claims
Have you claimed the invention in a way that would be sold by an accused infringer?
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Patents | Discovery, patentability, validity & infringement of inventions
Our Patent Services:
Manage the preparation of PCT / National phase patent applications, filing the patent before the Indian patent office, and prosecution of patent applications to obtain broadest possible patent claims for inventions.
Global Patent protection services for company’s inventions by working with our International patent associates.
Provide legal advice to startups, inventors and service on patent/intellectual property including discovery, patentability, validity, and infringement of inventions and/or patents.
Conduct IP due-dilligence to ensure that all commercially viable inventions of the research are protected by valid patents.
Perform freedom to operate patent searches to determine that our clients are not infringing upon valid third party patents.
We evaluate non-patent literature, patent, and perform file wrapper searches on all subject matter relevant to our client for patentability, validity, and freedom to operate issues.
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Patent Validity Search | Patent Invalidity Search by Patent Attorney
Patent Litigation Service Provider for Plaintiffs or Defendants | Validity Patent Search
Why Getting a Patent Validity or Invalidity Search by the Granted Patent Owner Important before Suing Any Third Party for Patent Infringement
Thousands of patent applications are filed before the patent office every day and one can imagine the workload on the patent examiner. Taking into account that patent examiners have limited bandwidth and patent databases to conduct their prior art searches and many a times may overlook a close prior art document related to the invention.
Patent invalidity search report can be very useful for the client who is trying to invalidate the patent in a patent litigation suit or filing a petition to institute an inter partes review of the patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Patent Invalidity Search is Important in a Patent Infringement Lawsuit
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