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We only have a few White's MXT All Pro #metaldetectors left in stock! The White's MXT comes with some awesome accessories including a 10" DD search coil, 9" Mono coil, backpack and headphones! Once these are gone, these accessories will no longer comes with the MXT All Pro! The only item that will be included is a 10" DD search coil. Order yours today!
See here for more details:
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Show people all the endless treasure find possibilities with our new t-shirt!  A #Kellyco  exclusive!  #apparel   #products   #metaldetecting   #treasurehunting   #hobbies   #outdoors #clothing   #style   #Tshirts   #treasurehunting
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Discover more #treasure with Coiltek search coils!
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It's our Easter weekend #sale! Save big on camping gear, accessories, pinpointers, detectors and more!
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Treasure hunter discovers #gold ring missing for 400 years!
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See the article here:

Do you want to find gold this Spring and Summer? Start with a great gold detector! See our top gold machines here:
The 24-carat piece of jewellery found in Norfolk was a 'mourning ring' made in memory of Hugh Audley, a major landowner in the Jacobean period.
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The #new Kellyco Oilfield camo baseball cap is here!   #products   #treasurehunting    #outdoors   #nature   #apparel   #style
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I like that!
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This is a fantastic review of the #Garrett ACE 250! Thank-you Reggie Sutton!

He said, "I just received my Ace 250 in the mail. I open the box and you guys have sent me so much product that I am astounded! I expected the detector and maybe a sticker or two. I got a kit that completely gets me started in my treasure hunting! Thank you does not seem adequate! It's hard to find customer service like this today. You guys Rock!" 

Do you want to know more about the Garrett ACE 250? Click here:
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I'm happy it's Friday! 
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Kellyco Metal Detectors has provided quality, easy-to-use metal detectors & metal detector supplies for novices and experts since 1955.

We are the Worlds largest selection of modern Metal Detectors for use on land, beaches, mountains or use in the surf, dive, etc. Search and recover coins, jewelry, relics, gold and treasures.

We +1 adventure and treasure hunting! 
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