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English Final Blog Reflection
Sadly, this will be my last English post for my freshman year. Time flew by so quickly.            Reflecting back on how I wrote and grew this year as a writer, I would have to say my 2015 best blog post would have to be,  To Kill a Mockingbird: Post 2.  L...

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Issue on Feminism
               I didn’t get that much time to read these past couple of
weeks in To Kill a Mockingbird, but in what I read, I learned that people
always told scout she can’t do manly things. She was scolded for not wearing a
dress but wearing pants, playing...

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To Kill a Mockingbird: Post 2
recently finished up to Chapter 9 in the book To Kill a Mockingbird . Up
till now, Harper Lee describes the life Scout and Jem live. Lee also describes
and introduces Boo Radley. (The mystery man) Boo Radley shows the opposite of
what rumo...

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To Kill a Mockingbird Written by: Harper Lee
This week, I started reading To
Kill a Mockingbird, By: Harper Lee. I wasn't very sure what the book was about
but I've heard it’s a great book so I picked it up. To Kill a Mockingbird is
about a lawyer from the South defends a black man charged of rape of ...

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The image above is an example of Satire because, the author criticizes Obama’s
choices with spending the U.S money. Obama is spending way too much and not on
the right things. The cartoon tells you that by emphasizing the money in the “fatty
foods” making t...

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Song writer Helps Kids Summon Courage to stop bullies By: Krista Ramsey
       The article was sharing a man, Keenan West a songwriter goes on a national tour to different schools talking about stopping bullies. He makes songs and shows kids at assemblies and also shows stories of different kids that have been bullied which ins...

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We Were Liars: Part 2
               I started continued to read the book We Were Liars and
the main character has it worse. After the accident, she has this brain issue
where she forgets everything and asks the same question over and over again.
All her loved ones think she’s c...

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We were liars
I have finished all my mandatory 3 books. For my own choice
book, I read If I Stay . For my second book, a genre normally don’t read,
I read The Watcher . Finally for my non-fiction, I read The Sea of
Tranquility . (By far my favorite book) Now I am startin...

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The Best of Me
This week I read The Best of Me By: Nicholas Sparks. I actually finished this book in a week as well. It’s
about a couple, Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier. They both went through hard
paths in high school. They fall madly in love and promise each other they ...

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The One: The Selection
I started to read the book The
One: The Selection Series and actually finished the book in less than a
week. Do you know when you read a book and no matter what you can’t stop
reading it? Well this book did that to me. I read the book till 2 in the
morning ...
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