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I am sorry I do not see anything that resemebles an apartment on these photos. 
NASA has just rolled right up to theam and taken additional images; will be displayed shortly on Enterprise ....
I saw it as well.Too small to be an apartment by my opinion.But still looks quite interesting why the regular geometry.I saw also 1 or 2 "rocks" that look a bit odd.
John R
dear sir i am a big fan of your work and have come up with alot i was watching your  film about obamma and i wish to propose that usa might actually be egypt. we know america is only a corporation. so where is the land mass it exists on i have studyed the map and  looks like D.C is close to iraq  if the maps were overlayed and  there is a close ness to spain ans mexico. i noted on the fbi website. america never actually changed its name from collumbia people just stopped saying it. also i would agre about the pole shift but in ancient times there was less water and the  hollow entrance was facing the sun the water would have been able to flow freely through but since there has been this sepperation of the water from the earth (evidant in the earth drying up) i feel when the poles do move the flow of water will start up again and the water will eventually rise. (just another perspective.) also i have made up physics models also based on the philosophers stone aligned with "true physics"  the hermetic order and the sumerian  tree of life had ten sepheria "charkras"   the 11 means the tree of ten down the 12 the ten up. 13 is all conclusive .

philosophers stone

reflected into the dimensions

expansion into six elements these last  2 were my own  discoveries in the hidden knolledge

the facebook profile is completly open you should not need a profile to view. but i think my reaserch will put a lot of things together for you.
if not i emolpore you to take a look it is not a waist of your time.

main tree of life folder
John R
and how about the simularitys to salem and jerusalem?   the spanish inquisition changed its name after the birth of jesus.  there is a simularity between both salems in middle east and in the usa just diffrent times. but the bankers changed our whole history  phoecain emipre. = the spanish empire of brittish collubia . the document of discovery gave spain rights to steal  land.but since that dna  was not from the origin of this planet  then all lands will  or should be returned
I am an amateur astronomer in Australia and I've seen plenty of weird shit, but I am always willing to examine things in a scientific manner before assuming.
You have not even begun to examine things in a scientific/geological way, you have looked at a grainy image and made all kinds of wild jumps of exageration.  Don't start inventing your own ill-informed projections and images, it just damages your own credibility.  Phobos is a small moon and has the mass of one, end of story, and I'm gonna wait to see what the monolith really is, when they get some better images/data.
Richard.. please review some of my research. I state what I found as a possible city on mars. I think it is more then possible.  my website: pastlifeonmars                                                                     Email
I need a physical address to send something to you. It's Mars related and neat and I know you'll enjoy it.
The beauty of conspiracy theories is that any contradicting evidence can be dismissed as part of the conspiracy. Only the hopelessly deluded can honestly think there is any evidence of anything artificial on Mars or anywhere else in the solar system. Pareidolia and wishful thinking is a much better explanation for your 'evidence'. 
John as for pareidolia one who can create something out of an image I can understand that just as one can see faces out of almost anything however what I discovered is almost identical to each other several areas what I call a possible ancient city on mars, non geologically made, unique figures that match to each outer, like two squared castle like with dentils on top of said square sections I had posted and on my website, and what is duplicated is slightly covered up with Martian soil. If these areas were strips of images taken by space craft and duplicated as ones theory then the said strips would be completely matched to one another. They our not so wherefore more evidence in my behalf of something non geologically made on mars. Only a selected few will be allowed to be on the knowing! Et’s made humans to be there slaves and have the power to continue this in the present! Our tax money has gone to programs but what is discovered is not told to the sheep! The truth is there was past life on mars.
Ralph. I went to look at your site but it isn't loading for me at the moment. I'll try again another day. For me, these are claims for which you'll need exceptional evidence. I'm prepared to change my mind, however the conspiracy claims don't help with credibility. 
+John Cunningham    Try This pastlifeonmars    I agree! I need Richard Hoagland,  Robert M.  Schoch, Robert Bauval and all other experts in there given fields to help me investigate this possible non geolgical findings in the northwest area of the Gale Crater of planet mars and share with me a Nobel Prize. One word "possible"
Dear Dick,  Have you considered updating any of these pages?
Dear Mr. Hoagland,

I read your article on the Hovers regarding what some people call the Pharaoh's Helicopter (Egyptian glyphs with apparent carving of a helicopter). I just wanted to give you this information in case you don't have it. "The Hovers" as you referenced them, are a couple and the photographer of the Egyptian glyph in question is in fact Dr. Ruth McKinley Hover of Fountain Hills, Arizona (a member of MUFON). Her obituary from early 2012 is found at this link, which should help you get at least a cursory idea of her background:
 Face on Mars.  Is that the profile of the face directly to the left, center of your first picture shown?
In your article, as Art Bell puts it..White Bird.
You need to have a webmaster go through your web site and make repairs. Some pages are not showing up correctly at all in a modern browser, and this is making hard to access older material.

one example of one such page is

view them in the latest version of chrome, or firefox, and you will see what I mean. This is really sad.
The 1990's called demanding their HTML back. is basically a mess.
+Derek Eunson Were they male or female? 
 I call shotgun on the Hot Thirsty Mature Ladys.
 You may have  the Hung Thick Man Logs..Dont forget to clean up the mess now!!!!!.
Hi Richard, any thoughts about that mysterious object NASA just posted on the nightly mainstream news, that had suddenly "appeared"  on the recent  Mars rover video!?!
Hoagland does not interact with his "fans" anymore. Not even on his facebook page where he exposed himself as a scoundrel and liar. Even to the point of begging his congregation for cash to go to Egypt to measure the torsion field at the Pyramids. Of course he didn't raise enough money, but pocketed the cash nevertheless, didn't go to Egypt and nobody got a refund. Total scam merchant.
I like Hoagland's presentation(s) ; they are meticulously done and if one disagrees, do so, but no need to be disrespectful with name calling. Either drink from the well or go to the next oasis. I am looking forward to the next presentation. Well done!
If he were meticulous he would have corrected his mathematics contained in his "paper" Von Braun's secret.
He knows it's all bullshit. Yet even after 5 years he will not correct it. Meticulous my arse. Total fucking con man.
Hello Richard, I've been a fan of your work since the early 90s. I have studied many parts of the human history, and artifacts. After 20 years of looking I finally hit the mother load. I have evidence that ties mars with earth and an incredible collection of eye popping information that I know you would love to see. If your interested in the information please let me know. I can be reached at 805-217-7801. I hope all is well, take care. Erik Warner
I don't know where you come off with such statements. Obviously a propaganda stunt to try to discredit Mr. Hoagland's work. If you actually did your own homework instead of riding the bullshit train, you'd button your yap real quick. Real scientist, my ass. You wouldn't know real if it bit you in the dick. Good day to you sir. 
I for one DID my homework and found that there are the most incredible things on both moon and Mars that can be tied to the earth by undeniable evidence by way of style and design. Not to mention the existence of activities unknown to us by all and no mention by major media sources. Now why do you suppose that is? Do some HOMEWORK, that is your own and not the words of someone else. Everything you read is subject to contamination. A half truth would be lucky. The rest is unknown and I know for an absolute fact that there is an unbelievable amount of things going on under all our noses. One has only to look, be persistent and prepare for what will eventually come forth. Big wakeup for all that seek. Be sure you really want to know and realize you can't erase the knowledge you'll acquire. As a humane you are a natural truth seeker. I'm an active one. Most people are asleep or worse. No one ever said the truth was pretty or pleasant. To be honest it's quite scary and requires getting use to. Good luck in your travels and the silly bashing only makes people look like asses. 
Any comments supporting Hoagland now that his baseless theory of Cydonian geometry has been shown to be cherry picked pure by chance random crap.
Regarding the door lintel of Seti I: In the 5th dynasty door lintel which later became the tomb  of Seti I - the very  top machine is an aerial refueller. It  appears at the top of a stele  in the British  museum, shown doing its job.         Edgar  Cayce also  described these.
Over to the left is the Mayan numeral for 12 - an Anunnaki  base number, under the "Cup" of the Cassiopeians (aka  the Holy Graal) Apis  the Bee/aka Musca the Fly and Vespa the Wasp is where the j-Rod52 are camped, and  a mummified one was found in the tomb of  a princess of Senusret II
Richard I received an email to my address, was that really you with a comment or one of those scam type emails? I am frightened to click on the links there, having been warned off doing that
Hi Richard/Enterprise team

I have been interested in your work for quite a while now. I must admit my interest waxes and wanes with time. I am very interested in your measurement device, the Accutron torsion measuring instrument. Is it possible for one to make ones own?

A little about my self, I am a 40yo geologist from New South Wales in Australia. In my career i have been privileged to have gained work in almost every state in Australia and have gained experience in all things geological in Australia. I have just been introduced to the concept tht there is a long buried pyramid just inland from the coast in far northern NSW..(Graham Hancock has visited the area and concluded that much more work needed to be carried out on the site, though he was VERY interested).  As I am sure you are aware, that the native inhabitants of continental Australia have been here for >60K years BP, though never really made it past the wood age or at best the paleolithic development of other areas.  The idea of VERY old lithic relics etc interest me a great deal. 

 I am interested in building a torsion field measurement device to allow some early works to be done on the site without disturbing anything. Also I would be honoured to conduct any simultaneous measurements in Australia during times that you may be interested in. Have you tried this before, taking simultaneous measurements globally during any events?

From your website I have seen the schematic diagram you have up from Bill Alek. What software are you using, what type of precision watch/watch timer, etc etc etc.

Any advice or help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time

Wayne Fritz
lol Richard stop saying trump is scaring everyone ... u miss indentured what he has said .. so stop twisting things

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