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  Recently came across your page about 911 and the " End War ', but myself knowing and doing work on Knigths templar am rather interested in that. I am surprsied you did't mention some most key dates. September 11th is the exact date the muslims were defeated almost into subbmission.........September 11 th 13th century. A historian at that time even wrote" september 11th should be a day remembered forever " that was 600 years ago. - switerland, Columbus hooked "x" (knights l etter" and Templar sail with their cross. Rune stones found of Templars in America dating to 1320s. I don't give away all my research, but i only use facts, not speculation in my current book Im working on now. You did connect with July 4th though, but it was July 3rd, Ive read John Adams letter even proving the date July 3rd and July 4th was for sysmbolism puropses only. Knights declare their return on a date that went bad for them in 14th century and september 11th a day that went bad for Islam in 14th should see the letter discovered in the vatican archivals about the Templars and authenitcated by scholors. was mistakenlingly placed their instead of secret vault !??! Popes dont make mistakes.


Contact me and I will give you my real contact info:
Richard Hi I haven't contacted you in a while , I have question for you , Why have you not noticed all the people lurking behind rocks in the Mars rover pictures ? also I have noticed that the rocks in those pics. are not real , zoom in on them and you will see that they are comprised of hundreds of images and they don't look like any of the other rocks around them ,plus 99% of the time they have a person peeking around them ,all wearing some sort of breather over their mouth and nose , most have dark glasses on (UV) protection ,I know I am not imagining this and quit a few other people see them too , you really should look into it , I believe that mars was and still is heavily populated all under ground
The curiousity mission was put there for disclosure, the battle has been won and the images that are being sent back have not been air brushed out, they are there for the world to see, for those that are smart enough to wash the water out of your EYES to see the forest through the trees; like all the amazing machinery left on the ground in ROCKNEST gully in Gail crator on Mars, aka ( Barsoom ) there are two smoking gun raw images SOL 64 ( 2012-10-10-17-19-04 UTC ) mastcam-right. And SOL 66 ( 2012-10-12-18-33-34 UTC ) mastcam-right,  this only the small stuff to get the world use to seeing and talking about whats there. 30 sec's to MARS artifacts music group has a massive following and if you have a real good look on that page you will see three of my images, two from SOL 64, and one from SOL 66..
Target Image = Mast Camera (Mastcam)
2013-12-26 18 04 06 UTC 0494ML1967055000E1_DXXX

SOL = 494

Zoom/Magnify for these specific targets are 375%.

Some of the "Mars Curios" X-Y pixel coordinates within this image are;
a)  934X - 388Y
b)  923X - 331Y
c)  880X - 499Y
d)  790X - 339Y
e) 1092X - 652Y
f)  980X -  696Y
g) 1061X - 649Y
h)  815X - 192Y
I)  627X - 229Y
j)  679X - 241Y

MSL "Mars Curio" Viewing procedure...
1) Connect a computer capable of HDMI output to at least a 32 inch widescreen monitor/television at 1080P or greater resolution.

2) Go to
and go to "Science Cameras" and locate the section for "Mast Camera (Mastcam)".

3) In the "Mast Camera (Mastcam)" section, choose the SOL that corresponds to the target image needed.

4) Under the section of "SUBFRAME Data Product" find the target image via the date-timestamp under the images... do NOT choose "THUMBNAIL Data Product".

5) Select "Full Resolution" directly under the target date and save to your pictures folder.
6) Open your image viewer of choice and load the target image (I use Irfanview, which is free and has good pixel reference). IMPORTANT - Set the zoom/magnify setting to the referenced level.

7) With your image viewer software find the pixel target within the target image (the pixel X-Y coordinates) and you will be at the referenced "Mars Curio" to view for yourself & think for yourself..
+D govoni your looking at drone heads, or robot heads, there everywere, go to my youtube channel and look at the VIDEO that goes for 9.28 seconds,,there was a lot of robotics use in this type two civilization.
Richard,  Please withdraw the thoroughly discredited "Von Braun's secret" from your website. For the past 5 years myself and others have pointed out the horrible mistakes in your mathematics. You missed a negative sign, and completely forgot to evaluate a natural logarithm. You acknowledge the error, yet still the article remains. You still drone on about Von Braun's secret full in the knowledge it is utterly wrong. WHY ?
+Gez Raymaker we have 65 million years of missing history of the human race thats been suppressed and hidden, so pal you know what to do with your medical help... 
Not to mention the I million people every year that go missing never to be seen again, that's 1,000,000 people that just disappear without a trace
+D govoni I whish you share with us your sources. I am interested on this subject, among others.
+D govoni for odd sakes, there are no little people on mars no cats , dogs , lizards chickens , cars , trucks , iguanas , planes , boats , ducks , rats , snakes on THAT PLANET CALLED MARS. it died 65 million years ago after a war ad then they came here to earth..
There is however a lot of remains of an advanced civilization not too far ahead of our present level of development. There is also all kinds of strange things that require more study to understand but are there non the less. If you haven't found what I'm talking about than you haven't looked at the data sent back from Curiosity and checkout the Apollo pics as well. Apollo 15 is pretty impressive. I can tell you where the alphabet came from as well as flowering plants that require insects to propagate and that Darwin never found an answer to. Also the wonderful creation of the wine vessel, It tells a story that everyone should know. The monolith on Phobos is a memorial for those who were wiped out 10,000 or so years ago. The moon is covered in wreckage as it was used as a shield against incoming debris and lots of things crashed.  
The moon  I was referring to in my previous comment is our satellite that was used as a shield.
Could you perhaps have something in error regarding the destruction of 'Tiamat'.In a recent lecture you noted that the Hyper dimensional Physics would dustify the entire planet.

 I do not believe it was reduced totally to micro-sized debris. Instead, I believe even your own hyperdimensional Physics system (as seen in operation in Judy Wood's version of the 911 disaster) would effect a large mostly watery surface  world differently, creating an imbalance hemispherically which would cause the planet to come apart in large chunks of mass varying down to small scales, while only a small percentage portion was reduced to micro-sized scale. Thus the planet came apart due to the sudden imbalance of gravitational mass of a previously spherical object. If the application of dustification were happening on a sufficiently large landmass portion surrounded by oceans, the sudden reduction in mass in an assymetric manifestation would be devastating for a spherical object in motion. 

One side of Mars shows that no less than an ocean or very large sea impacted Mars, scouring one hemisphere. Some of the craters on the Moon seem to have been formed not by a solid high speed mass striking the surface, but by a mass of water moving as a massive teardrop shape 'splashing' into the surface. Only the outer layers of the teardrop would be frozen solid if the mass crossed from Tiamat to the Moon in a sufficiently short time, perhaps less than a weeks or a month in flight. As the outer-most layer froze, it sublimated off, generating sufficient energy to prevent complete solidification of the entire mass. The tail of the teardropmight have   caused the upward 'pimple' effect in the crater center.
Marvin Galloway, aka or
I couldn't find the link to Charlie's hyperdemensional vehicle that you mentioned on the show. Could someone please help? Tim
+Tim Needham If you'd like to learn how to build machines capable of flight as ufos, see my youtube mikefromspace. Learn the basic physics first, it's very simple. I've found the solution to unification, gravity, antigravity, faster than light travel.
The real what thing? No offense, but I'm not a long distance mind reader. You're a builder? 
My expenses haven't permitted building what I'd like to, so I got onto growing gold based on John Milewski's discovery, with my own added improvements in a custom oven I should be finished with today. Expected production over 1k daily until I build more ovens.
omg richard stop your trashing of trump there u go again twisting things up like millions of others we like trump ok .... your a smart man stick to space not politics 
+jerry nasson US is broken financially. Trump is the only candidate who has proven himself a financial genius. We're dead sick of the b.s. from moronic leaders with false promises and unrealistic dreams. This plantation state created by corrupt politicians must end. Do you know of the Trump prophecy in an old issue of Heavy Metal Magazine? July 1990.
You're not stopping him. Not another Bush, no way. That Bush/Obama bloodline (yes they are related) , or any other secret society members need to screw off. These men make contract with Satan himself and his band of reptilian outcasts. Soul pirates, masters of dna engineering who created the grays. Guardians of things not their own; such as the Hall of Records in Romania; the greatest museum of the most ancient history of earth held in holographic projectors- now removed and taken for study elsewhere. They are responsible for the lie of Allah who created the Muslim pagan religion. You cannot tell a lie easily without hiding it within the truth.  If Mr.Jeb Bush thinks his brother kept us safe as he stated in his greatest argument in the greatest debate against Trump, he needs to be in a mental institution, not my White House! The 911 conspiracy is proven fact now. Those beams were cut with explosives as the building fell vertically. Less than a year prior, a conditioning team had been doing work in the towers planting those explosive charges in anticipation of flying the military jet (not passenger as seen in video proof) into a tower.
Trump is the only candidate without wool over his eyes or trying to pull it over ours, and the only one my direct ancestor Benjamin Franklin would vote for among other popular candidates. We don't care that he is naive in some respects. Nobody is perfect. It takes a dream to encompass a reality, so a dreamer with an equal mix of realism is ideal.
Dr Judy Wood, where did the towers go; a case for directed energy weapons and free energy technology... 
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