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What Apple did not learn from Honda on naming :

Back in early 2000's, Honda India launched a newer model of their "city" range of cars in India, and called it - from what I remember - "New Honda City". The model after that was called "Honda City ZX".

The conversation, after the launch of ZX, would go something like this -
"Hey, Have you seen the new Honda City ?"
"Oh yeah, it's been around for a couple of years now"
"Nope, the new Honda City, which was launched last month"
"Oh, you mean ZX, right ? It isn't new"
And so on.

A google search for "New Honda City" will not get you any info about that particular model just because "new" is a very generic word.

There is something that Honda must have learnt from this naming. That is the same thing that Apple hasn't learnt (yet).
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The name is a big mistake, IMO. I would like to know what they were thinking. 'New' can be applied to very slow-evolving products, not one which sees significant revs every year.

At least they didn't mess up the product :)
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