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John R. Ellis
Not to mention apophasis - my favorite paralipsis. And you can't Reason with Delusion.
Not to mention apophasis - my favorite paralipsis. And you can't Reason with Delusion.

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New Pinned Post - Social Media Alternatives

I've been on G+ since it opened to Public joining in 2011, and no other social media apart from Nextdoor. However, the horrid garish non-functional new user interface being forced on us is just too much, so I'm checking out other social media now. Here is a copy of my Bio from Minds, with a variety of links for your consideration:

Bio: Bayesian Scientific Skeptic / Sceptic, Atheist, Humanist, Critical Thinking, Science & Technology, Science-based Medicine (retired Neurologist), Internet Triangulator and Sarcastic Curmudgeon from the Baby Boomer Generation.

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CBS Survivor fan
MMA fan
Reality-based Medicine
Ordained Atheist Minister in ULC
Irreligiosophy Skunk Dick & PhD
Pope of Atheism Minus
Proud Glober

You can't reason with delusion.

Not to mention apophasis - my favorite paralipsis.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Trust no one. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

All Skeptics are Atheists. Not all Atheists are Skeptics. Be Skeptical.

You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own (made up) facts.

Facebook is about Friends and Family. Twitter is about Events. Google+ is about Topics and Information. Nextdoor is about Neighbors. Secular Nest is about Secular Humanism. Minds and Emenator are about Freedom of Expression without censorship. Cheers!

The image link broke on my prior post about joining Facebook, so posting a new one. Here is my FB Profile Link:


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Water Event begins today!

I've gotten my Defenders nicely re-positioned after the ravages of the Spring Break hooligans last week. Fifteen of my best now defending stable PokeGyms. Today at 3pm Texas Time - the week long Water Event begins. I have never seen a Magikarp in the wild and have nowhere near enough Candy to evolve a Gyarados - maybe this Water Festival will make the difference. Woo HOO!

Also, new Update released today, which guarantees a Special Evolution Item with each 7-day Streak Pokestop Spin. About time!

#PokemonGO #waterfestival

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Happy Pi Day

But beware the Ides of March!

I used to get put out of commission by Spring allergies come the Ides of March, but with AGW - they now hit me in late February. Progress! Of course, nothing will beat the Pi Day celebrations at 9:26 am and pm two years ago - but it's all we have this year. What celebrations do you have planned, and will they be centered around 1:59 pm local time? Cheers!


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It's Time Again

Don't forget to change your clocks in USA tonight, after watching Scar Jo host SNL for the fifth time:

There is no energy savings, and a huge time waste by every household changing their clocks twice a year, plus the negative health effects. So why do we do it? The main reasons - people go to more night time Summer sports events with DST in place, and do a bit more shopping during light evening hours.


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The sooner you start it, the sooner you will feel better.

Ask your doctor for Impeachara® for T. I. A. D.

#Impeachara #TIAD 

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Game Changers

Survivor Game Changers premiers tonight on CBS. Don't forget!


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This lady wants to be my Facebook Friend - I'd be her first, which is really special. How can I say no to stylish glasses like that?


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Thanks Captain Obvious, but...

... is it better to be a bad Xtian than a pedophile Priest? That's the relevant question.


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Happy St. Valentine's Day from The Donald!

When a sociopathic narcissist gives you hir heart - that's really "SPECIAL". NTTIAWWT, of course. ;-)

H/T: Via Milo via The Diva in Advocates

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Happy Darwin Day!

#DarwinDay #Evolution
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