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Vex Shadowheart
Welcome to my Profile. Hope you like what you see~! //_^
Welcome to my Profile. Hope you like what you see~! //_^


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Dang... The one day where I show up, and there's no one online.
Kinda funny how everyone's on when I'm at school. Then I come back, and Google+ is one bleak site. .-//

I'm just bored af... //~<
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I swear, I've been hooked.
Anything produced by Klayton (Let it be Scandroid, Circle of Dust, Celldweller ect.), I can't seem to get enough of it.
So I thought I'd share some unique stuff that I've found to be my favorites so far.
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A little update in case you were wondering about Chapter VIII.
Writing this chapter has proven to be a real pain. I'm starting to run short on ideas, and production of this book is slowing dramatically. It is most likely the next chapters from now on will take a decent amount of time between releases.
I apologize for the slowed progress. I'm working to get the next out for you all. Just please be patient and bare with me. Thank you.
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And we’re back baby with some more 'Heavy Metal'. Coming your way now is a new 'Best Of Slipknot' compilation made using GarageBand. Featuring none other than your favorite Heavy Metal Masked-Superstars Slipknot!
So fasten your seatbelts, and ‘Be Prepared For Hell’. The Burden of heavy music is coming your way~

Here are the songs featured;

.01~ The Burden
.02~ Be Prepared For Hell
.03~ The Negative One
.04~ Left Behind
.05~ Before I Forget
.06~ This Cold Black
.07~ Psychosocial
.08~ Nomadic
.09~ Surfacing
.10~ Custer
.11~ (Sic)
.12~ .execute
.13~ Gematria (The Killing Name)
.14~ All Hope Is Gone
.15~ Welcome
.16~ Three Nil
.17~ Skeptic
.18~ Unknown (<< Sorry for not knowing the name…)
.19~ Vendetta
.20~ Lech
.21~ Goodbye
.22~ Override
.23~ Goodbye (<< I messed that up badly…)
.24~ Butcher’s Hook
.25~ Circle
.26~ The One That Kills The Least
.27~ Killpop
.28~ Eyeless
.29~ Danger - Keep away

Now please note: this is my first time using this program. I literally had just seen the interface for the first time minutes before getting to work on this compilation. So please, Forgive me for any mistakes. I’m apologizing in advance, so do not leave any hate comments. There is no need for that here.

With that out of the way, Enjoy. //_^
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This sounds just like my dad IRL... Wow... The resemblance is F_CKING UNCANNING!!!
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I am so happy! Now that I'm back online, I've found ways to make music mixes and compilations again.
Now I'm using 'Garage Band'. This setup will be much easier. Because now, I can set the tracks on a grid to play on their own and individually timed to my preference!
That said: As we speak, a new compilation for 'Slipknot' is being recorded.
It'll be named 'HangmanProject.EXEcute'.
This compilation will be roughly two hours long, and released soon. Most likely to be uploaded to 'Soundcloud' later if not first.

Keep an eye on my profile if you're interested. It's coming soon....
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For two weeks, I've been cooped up in my apartment without much leave. I was working on some sort of unknown technology. The only people to know how it worked, and where it came from were the pure blooded dragons. Yes, this was dragon tech. And my ultimate goal was to be able to make music with body movements. Annoyingly to my neighbors, music of all sorts had been blaring from my room almost the entire time I've been in there. And today, beginning the third week, I had finally finished my project.
I cried.
"I've finally done it! It's perfect!"
While activated, every move I made would create a unique sound corresponding to the genre I had in mind.
I wondered.
"I should put this out there. I want to see if it'll be worth anything to entertain."
I hastily left my apartment, bearing the tech on my shoulders.
"I'm hoping I can make it somewhere with this... I think a bit of Dubstep will grab some attention."

I went out to the park and set my laptop on a nearby bench, setting the genre, and activating the tech. The wires and other components lit up with a opalescent display.
"I hope this works.."
I thought before beginning.

(Song: Panda Eyes - Colorblind)
{ }

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Hugglez for all! //w<
Originally shared by ****
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Well considering I am, and I have friends who are... I'd say my opinion and support is right with em'.
Love ya guys! //_^
Well i'm Bisexual so why the hell not
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1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 9.
Guess you could say I'm a very opalescent character in life. X3
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