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Grow your audience, to grow your business.

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Awesomeness from my friends at +Web.Search.Social.
If you're connected to +Ralph M. Rivera and +Carol Lynn Rivera you need to get on that...

Episode #48 of the Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast is now available.

We had planned on taking two weeks off, but like Tony Montana, we got pulled back in. Since it's the holidays and the New Year is almost upon us, we deviated from marketing just a bit. (Ok, more than a bit.)

In This Episode We Talk About

- Our latest delicious Klout perk

- Our friend +Tea Silvestre’s Butter & Beast project. Read the post written by +Carol Lynn Rivera: Adapt and Reinvent: The Good, The Bad, and The Delicious:

- The best kind of chocolate (Spoiler: It's Dark. Duh.)

- What it was like to spend an evening with mixologist +ezra star. (Spoiler: Awesome!)

Plus we have the first official Web.Search.Social snort and we thank you, Fred, for being the best audience a podcast could ask for.

We also talk about the podcast ‘Serial’,  Section 9 of Mailchimp’s unforgiving Terms of Service (Boo!), eating bear meat burgers and more.

Oh! And we also announce the winners of +Bryan Kramer's book and of +Aaron Wood's posters.

And special thanks to some people who have helped us and inspired us tremendously along the way:

Author and Buffalo Bills fan +Ryan Hanley of +Content Warfare 

"The Sizzling" +Mike Brooks  of +Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC 

Don't mess with +Cynthia Sanchez  of  Oh So Pinteresting

Unicorn rider +Dino Dogan  of +Triberr 

Official Research Dude +Ian Anderson Gray 

And of course… Official WSS Poet +Melanie Kissell 

Even more special-er thanks to +Colleen Conger  of thinkWEBgo for designing the awesome WHOliday greeting in today’s feature image!

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Twitter is NOT a Marketing Strategy
Damn straight!
So what is?

#marketingstrategy   #marketing   #contentmarketing  
Why Twitter is NOT a Marketing Strategy
Learn why +Tom Doctoroff thinks its time to get back to basics.

In a business marketplace saturated by technology, marketing professionals have begun to focus their energies on creating newer and more digital methods of advertising their brands, with the fear that if they don’t embrace “Big Data,” they will fade into obscurity.

In this episode of the Content Warfare Podcast you learn how...

#marketing   #marketingstrategy   #contentstrategy   #contentwarfare  

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More ears for one, is more ears for all.
Like a podcasting three musketeers.

Podcasting is Having a Moment
What is Your Share of Ear?

New ears for one, means new ears for all.

Cocktail party conversations around podcasts are no longer relegated to the nerdy. Listening to podcasts is starting to become trendy.

Are you podcasting?

We also dive into Top 10 Episodes of the Content Warfare Podcast in 2014.

Special thanks to Content Warfare friends +Marcus Sheridan +Wade Harman +Jason T. Wiser +Nicholas Cardot +Barry Feldman +Dustin W. Stout +Caleb Wojcik for making the top 10 episodes and being part of this year's success.

#podcasting   #podcastingbusiness   #shareofear  

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How to Stand Out in a World Where Everyone is a Copywriter
An interview with +Demian Farnworth...

Always one of my favorite people to chat with Demian opens up his secret copywriting notebook and shares his tactics for always standing out from the crowd.

A must listen for content marketers...

#contentmarketing   #copywriting   #contentwarfare  

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Content Marketing Predictions Only +Content Marketing Institute Could Bring You

Some people hate predictions because there is really no way of knowing what the future will hold.

I love predictions because there is no way of knowing what the will hold.

Enjoy these... and take note.

h/t +martin shervington on the share and +Joe Pulizzi on the presentation.
60 Content Marketing Predictions for 2015 (NEW)
A good read and cracking presentation from +Joe Pulizzi and +Content Marketing Institute.

h/t +Martin Holmes by email

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Content Marketing Mastery Unfiltered
The episode where I pepper +Barry Feldman with content marketing questions.

If you'd into content marketing you're going to learn something from this episode.

No doubt...

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #contentwarfare  

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The Computers Are Smarter Than You Are
So don't play them in Astroid.

+martin shervington shares a 4 minute video that is worth watching... definitely worth watching.

And the meaning of this is 'don't play games against the computer' as it "ruthlessly exploits the weakness of the system"...

Um, yes. Ok...
Surfaced via:

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Why Original Content Works on Google+

I've been a proponent of creating original content here on Google+ for a while. In more than one Google Hangout I've said that creating original content is one of the primary methods with which I gained traction inside this community.

Here are 7 simple tactics I use with each piece of original content here on Google+ to increase engagement and ultimately the reach of my posts.

What would you add?

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #engagement  

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New Trailer for My YouTube Channel
Check it out...

Working on a LinkedIN article right now that explains the elements of a good YouTube trailer.

If you haven't yet subscribed on YouTube click here:

#youtube   #youtubetrailer  

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Is Hard Work the True Differentiator Online?

I know we all have unique skills and expertise, branding and messaging. But as I look across the landscape of the people and companies you've achieved success online there is only one constant...

Hard work.

Is there anything that matters more than a willingness to work hard?

#successonline   #successhabits  
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