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That maybe because Microsoft has their coughs back door so sputter in every app on that metro ugly and worst windows release yet to date is also detouring their efforts within focusing on the actual pirating act.. I can't say is blame the pirates to not wanna target it, that's like telling a two year old not to touch the milk and cookies you set down for them to touch, but knowing its soy almond milk and wheat grass germ freshly mowed from the front lawn, that two year old knows its nothing worth having so they leave it alone..l
Microsoft claims that Windows XP is 21 times more likely to be exploited by hackers than Windows 8

Are you still on Windows XP? :)
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Hana no, I'm a fan of opensuse and magia linux
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Gotta love dungeons and dragons for the ability to have games like we play today and also, for these amazing books that we enjoy, like this saga for example, I love the neverwinter stories and love the games! I'm waiting for the neverwinter online game to come out because that is my personal game of choice!
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Makes me warm and fuzzy
Introducing Project Shield – a gaming portable for open platforms. Take your games with you anywhere, anytime. This is gaming unleashed.
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Anonymous tries to silence Obama speech, simply put, they didn't get very far. 
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How does everyone else feel about this? I have a few mixed emotions because of the way the government is getting pointless
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Yea, how many of you have pot head friends and how many actually migrate away from your couch/TV to do anything wreckless?

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Woe is me. Lol, sorry. Just bummed I'm missing E3 and gonna miss defcon again, oh well. All you that did go, I hop you have some fun for both yourself as well as me, lucky punks * gets to kicken rocks*

For real though, hope you all have a blast and I cannot see what you all bring back from reviews. #darren kitchen, can't wait to see what you scoped out this year, you share a lot of same interests, I however just can't chase after my ambitions, so can't wait to see your weekly review.

Id believe that nvidia's project will be launching soon, perhaps they have a finished prototype? So many questions lol, if you happen to be there and see this post, that is the big ticket item I was wanting to go for.

Thanks, enjoy the day everyone.
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mad <3 for team viewer!
Remote Control any computer within seconds as if you were sitting right in front of it and host online meetings and presentations easily over the internet. Find out why more than 100 million users tru...
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Dell's thin, high-res XPS 13 laptop does #Linux

#Ubuntu just went 1080p on Dell's sleekest laptop.
The 2.99-pound XPS 13 Developer Edition -- started as a project to create an open source developer laptop -- is now available on Dell's site for $1,549.
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Shoot.. We all thought Facebook was secure... Wait, what? xD
Facebook has admitted to a security breach on its systems but reassured users that no data was at risk from the attack. The company said on Friday that last month several of its employee notebooks wer...
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Boffins exploiting android phones to crack crypto
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I love the deals and they have amazing product! I always recommend my friends
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It asks what people like when writing this review, there was absolutely nothing likable about this mcdonalds!! This place is very rude to its customers, the manager is extemely rude to customers that take a seat, and if you go to the bathroom and leave your stuff for a moment with someone with no food in front of them, they automatically assume your not buying anything. Also last time I visited, they had not filled my order, I waited for two hours and didn't get my food and once confronted the manager said she would talk to her crew about it but did nothing to fix the order or refund the money, I still had the reciept.. Over all this is the worst mcdonalds I have ever been to and very dirty.
• • •
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