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God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. -John Piper
God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. -John Piper

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+Luke Klinker​, it may or may not be connected to recent updates, but I have just noticed a slight issue. When evolve is last used in portrait and you attempt to access it from recents in landscape, it crashes. Likewise, if evolve is last used in landscape and you switch to it from recents in portrait, it crashes. I've submitted the crash report logs via the Google feedback dialog. Thanks for continuing the development of Evolve!

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The Gospel and God's Righteousness
Without the righteousness of God, there is no gospel! If
God merely passed over sin, he would not be God at all. This is one reason why
many scholars have called Romans 3:21–26 the center of the book of Romans and
why D. A. Carson has even called it the "Ce...

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Join my team, S.A.W. (Such A Way) because Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:24 to "Run in such a way that you might win." Clearly, to win this race, you must join S.A.W! :P

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+michael greenbank​, I thought you'd like this song. It would be a good one to jam to. 😉

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The Essence and Evil of Sin
John Piper delivered a message at the Desiring God Pastors Conference yesterday entitled, " What is Sin? The Essence and Root of All Sinning " For the full explanation, sermon transcript, and a better exposition, follow the link above! What follows is an ov...

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Trello team,

These two screen shots are of the same card (one from my Android Device [Nexus 4, Mako], the other is from my Web Browser on Windows). I'm not sure whether this is a "bug" or yet-to-be-implemented "feature," but either way, I hope this is helpful...

What I did: I opened the card created in the web browser, which included links to other cards.

What I expected: I expected that the links would transform, as they do on the web version, into the titles of the cards with active links.

What happened: The links remained inactive and merely URLs.

I wasn't sure if this is classified as a "bug" or a "feature" that isn't yet implemented. My church is working on a maintenance project where having this implemented would be really helpful. I am happy to test anything you need or provide more information. Just let me know how I can help.


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+Jacob Klinker​, I can get you a logcat for this if it isn't a known issue. I've used the Google play services crash reporter already.

Here's the issue: each time I compose a new sms from the material compose button Evovlesms crashes. When it opens, the sms has sent (although it is eternally flagged as "sending").

this is happens with conversation threads that previously existed and new ones.

What I noticed from messaging my other number is that the message seemed to send after the crash report bubble showed up. I'm not certain on the timing but thought that might help track down the issue.

Let me know how I can help. 

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you know that feeling...
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