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Ann Fitzsimons
SEO Specialist, Web Producer, HTML, Emails
SEO Specialist, Web Producer, HTML, Emails


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I get information from Wikipedia quite often and thought I should support it.

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Congrats to NetApp - #3 for best global companies to work for

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Don't use Able Carpet Cleaning in the bay area: 
Able carpet cleaning are slimeballs. I told my renters in our lease agreement to ONLY use Scooters Carpet Cleaning and they went ahead and used these guys. When they moved out the carpet looked like it had never even gotten cleaned. I called him up and told him that I used carpet cleaner and a rag on the rug that I still got dirt. I asked him to come back and redo it and he gave me some cock and bull about the carpet is old and won't get clean. Baloney. I had Scooters come out and they brightened that carpet right up. This guy says he is certified in carpets but I think he uses it as an excuse to never have to go back a second time to redo what he didn't do right the first time. Don't use him - use Scooters Carpet care (and I wasn't paid to say this - I've just used Scooters for years and they have been great).

October, 2013 - Received Google Analytics Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certification from the Google Analytics Academy

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