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Dangerously aware of myself
Dangerously aware of myself

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Seriously.  Animals are smart enough not to do ab workouts... Why am I dumb enough to do them?

"Unemployment is Capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden."

-Orson Scott Card

Stop trying to make me watch anime, Netflix, jeez.

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This looks pretty great.
Welp. This is clearly going to be the best movie released all year. Maybe the whole decade.

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Light snow, a clean kitchen, everyone napping and Civilization IV on my laptop. Yes, even my warm fuzzies are geeky.

And yes, you'll notice that I'm working on plastics and the UN in the year 1694. It's because I am kicking this game's ass. Also, you'll notice that Gandhi is out of the game -- It's because I destroyed his empire in the middle 800s. Punkass was asking for it, too.

Thinking of starting a foodblog -- any tips, what are things you'd like to see in a food-based blog?

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Suprise. The woman who used Krispy Kreme doughnuts as the main ingredient in bread pudding and believes that butter is the footers and foundations in which the food pyramid was built on has the 'beetus. In other shocking news, Guy Fieri looks like a Smashmouth fan.

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May want to look into this article...

3D printing man, how does it work?

Oh hi, Google+, I keep forgetting about you.
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