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Thinking deeper before speaking, acting, typing and verbalizing thoughts internally with less positive emotions (even if hard to practice) helps bring World Peace and inner peace faster (since everything or a good part of what we radiate outwards may come back to us sooner or later in some fashion). It also helps us develop Evolutive or Evolving TELEPATHY, which is aided by Evolutive Speech and Writing born out of a gentler sentence structure, feeling the words and using positive words in phrases as in "perhaps not the smartest" instead of negative short words like "stupid". For more on habits that promote telepathy, see

1. WHAT IS EVOLUTIVE or Evolving (meaning eternally improving) Telepathy?

2. WHAT IS EVOLUTIVE or Evolving (meaning Eternally Improving) Speech/Writing?

Evolutive Telepathy born out of compassion for spirits around us is the attempt to recall that spirits hear our thoughts, just like we hear when people speak. We all have around us spirits who are more or less evolved than us, and one way to help the less evolved who happen to be around is to elevate our thinking. What this means is that how we think and what we intend to do in the end is perhaps 10000 times more important in many circumstances than anything we speak, write or do even - since what we think determines also what help we receive from evolved spirits and we hypothesize that evolved spirits have more say about our life than anything else, especially afterlife. Also, ultimately, being careful with what we think will help us to have kinder and more thoughtful words and actions, as the T.H.I.N.K. acronym (as in T.houghtful, h.elpful, i.nspiring, n.ecessary, k.ind). A good way to develop translinguistic telepathy ability, which is ultra useful in bringing World Peace, seems to be to IMAGINE that the spirits take all OUR VERBAL THOUGHTS AND BROADCAST THEM ON CNN AND/OR MANY NEWS AGENCIES worldwide OR on a GLOBAL Reality show or in the astral world in some holographic screens where the spirit guides try to evaluate which human being to help more based on the Universal Kindness Degree of their Thoughts. This doesn't mean that this is how the spirits know which person to help the most, they may have a sense of clairsentience that encompasses an entire planet and instantly multilocate to 300 people who at a given moment display the greatest amount of loving kindness globally - in a process of making 300 copies of themselves, for those few spirits who may be able to do that. Not only does this imagination exercise elevate the loving kindness of our thoughts which can be seen by anyone visiting our Akashic records or spirits nearby, but since we want to be subtler and kinder, we naturally shift the brain and astral brain towards the conceptual and other forms of telepathy far more than the audio-visual-verbal, especially verbal telepathy. Another way of evolving one's brain thinking could be said to be to think while applying an emotional regulation from the heart so to speak or from the pranic body as when consciously breathing as explained at For example, if we think of a tender soft gentle tone of speech, we can modulate our speech tone so that it becomes very kind, soft, healing, nurturing, etc. In a sort of similar fashion like with the tone of speech and gentle conscious breathing, if we feel thoughts in our souls as they form in the "astral or physical brain" - so as to only think the gentle tender healing nurturing thoughts birthing tender etc emotions - so as to make a leap towards a connecting with more benign spirits telepathically instead of with average or confused spirits or with the less evolved stuff in our subconscious mind, etc. There might be some form of synesthesia that can be activated after a while, synesthesia that enables a much more detailed feeling and perceiving of thoughts (some analog of colors and shapes of numbers type of synesthesia).

This Evolutive Telepathy is perhaps a way to align the thinking of the Brain and even that of the spirit (it seems they occur on 2 levels) with the Gentle Kind Serene Nonviolent Selfless Compassionate Patterns of Thinking of the Evolved Spirits who radiate universal loving kindness for all.

Also, by shifting to translinguistic telepathy, our thinking becomes private to less evolved more violent spirits still stuck in human language based telepathy and all war it brings. By us having more private thoughts, these spirits no longer hang around us, as they cannot taunt us and manipulate us into going into negative emotions or into doing violent things, and our aura becomes much clearer and brighter over time. Every spirit who comes near a Translinguistic Telepath might suddenly, unthinkably, become more serene or happy or smiley or light hearted (less angry, etc), and if they like incessant jokes (no real action for world peace) and violence, they go away to their games. The hypothesis is that violent spirits dislike honesty and serenity.

We can even mentally ask the universal field of consciousness, the zen field, the Holy Spirit or spirit guide or whatever we believe in or see if we see spirits, about showing us a slightly more evolved sentence structure or way of thinking about an issue that we are wondering about. We are all works in progress, and we have our ups and downs, moments of inspiration, moments of immaturity, etc. By asking for help, and listening quietly, we will get conceptual and even verbal and audio-visual data to further refine our patterns of thinking. We often forget to ask for help, from the infinite field of compassion around us, the bounteous field of infinite knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, grace and kindness that wants to bring world peace and a bright future.


It is much better for developing telepathy with the more evolved spirits (who are less linguistic and more exact knowledge representational with respect to human system sensory data and brain architecture) to avoid quoting famous people who used negative words or ourselves using negative words such as swear words, "stupid", "moron", "idiot", "alcoholic", "ignorant", "nonsense", "bullshit", "crazy", "crap", "bad", "hate", "disaster", "macho", "war monger", "violent", "criminal" anything that has a negative connotation, in written or spoken form, as it will have a subtle "less ideal" effect on the speaker/writer and others. :) Instead of "punishment" one can use "reminder of noble action and noble speech". Instead of "bullshit" or "nonsense" or "crazy" one can say "a little hard to understand" as it is gentler, softer, kinder, sweeter and more tender. We often don't even realize how we use words that are not ideal or completely opposite to our ideals of gentleness, tenderness, softness, kindness, etc. "war monger" is not good, ideally one should say "perhaps not the most peaceful types". "macho" is not good to use either, a better one would be "perhaps not the gentlest types". Ignorant is not good, ideally one would say "perhaps not the smartest in the galaxy". We can ideally always avoid any NEGATIVE WORD, which is very hard of a habit to acquire, and use instead "perhaps not the most 'antonym of the negative word' type". Instead of saying "What a stupid guy" one could say "Perhaps he is not the smartest around, but we could find ways to help him if he asks for help." Instead of saying "how stupid do these people think i am?" one could say "perhaps they correctly realized i am not among the smartest, lol, so that's another incentive to develop evolutive telepathy". "I am sure he is joking" could be "perhaps he is exploring infinite learning potentials and possibilities". The culture we live in is not the gentlest around in the universe, so our language structure often takes us away from our wish to have gentleness, tenderness, softness and world peace. The news have so many insults and negativity, as well as most people using negative words in teaching or making a point (it's faster, seemingly less energy consuming, but far more rude and violent to say "stupid" than to say "perhaps not the smartest" - which would elevate our vibe a little, and with that the energy level too), that trying to use a language expressive of the musical tones and singing and astral tones in the higher astral - a language that is full of loving kindness - requires a real almost superhuman effort, like climbing against a hill. The ideal thing could be to never mention in speech people that we need to refer to as "perhaps not the smartest" - unless we absolutely have to describe those people. For example, when asked about how good someone is at something, instead of saying "he is stupid", we could say "he seems less capable than guy z at that particular skill, according to my limited human perception, but i don't know for sure - here is the data that made me arrive at that preliminary perception...". Or instead of "bad" use the word "perhaps not the very best". Instead of "violent" one can say "perhaps not as gentle as i thought" or "not the gentlest type". This is SO HARD to do, since everyone uses the word "violent" now and then. Instead of "i hate apples" say "apples are not my favorite fruit" (even "i dislike apples" is not that gentle kind soft tender). Instead of "alcoholic" one could use "someone who is not the most balanced due to alcohol use" (thus creating a linguistic portal for the timeline where one uses far less alcohol and helping to create that timeline. If we use "alcoholic" we fuel the timeline where that person is very unbalanced and drinking a lot. Same thing for "Mr. X or country y is not following the rules" - this is fueling the conflict timeline. A more optimistic statement would be "I hope Mr. X or country Y will work with us for the best future of harmony and peace" which would fuel the peaceful best timeline. Even the word "ridiculous" is slightly sarcastic and negative, even if said in a totally benevolent funny way. A more benign term fueling the best future timeline would be "amazing or funny" (if ridiculous was meant in a funny way, something hilarious) or "not the best sign at the moment" or "not the best outcome for now" or "not the ideal outcome, but things could change soon with the right moves" (if ridiculous was referring to something that was not amazingly funny, but less ideal). The thing is as we get used to being negative and judgmental about things and situations, we reinforce those bad states and don't acknowledge how fluid reality is and how things can change from day to day and we sabotage our collective capacity to work towards a better future of world peace, non-violence, etc. We also may accidentally, without realizing, do this with closer people and hurt their feelings if we do this with situations and strangers - since we cannot totally change our language 100% when talking to friends versus strangers. Another example of negative talk or mental thought is "nobody cares about issue x", which is the way sometimes we exaggerate things to "vent our frustration" - but saying that only freezes the process in that state in our minds. Venting accomplishes nothing, only reinforces the way things are and makes us a victim of an "unchangeable situation". A much truer statement would be "few seem to be really concerned about this - but that could change very fast if telepathy was used to ask for help from the universe or information would be presented to people, etc". It is hypothesized that the best healer who turns enemies into friends for world peace cannot use any negative word, phrase or thought. We often don't realize just how much of our thinking (or speaking or writing) reinforces the way things are, and how we could use that mental energy we got spare to come up with solutions instead of complaining and restating the obvious thing that "the world is not perfect", lol. :) Other examples of negative words are "backwards" as in "country y is so backwards on the coal front". A more upbeat way to state it COULD BE "country y is number 1 or 2 or 3 in terms of new coal installed per capita in 2016, making it one of the least progressive on climate action and spewing carcinogenic aerosols for the whole planet to soak in, even if they installed some solar." The list of negative adjectives is endless, "terrible" comes to mind. "Terrible" doesn't describe anything, it's just an emotional reaction that shuts down "detailed thinking and careful observation of ways in which situation could be changed to the opposite of what's happening". Remaining optimistic even in face of "daunting tasks" is a lot easier when we remain objective and don't slide into emotional negative simplifications and labeling. Another example of "bad words" is using phrases, which do not contain negative words themselves, but are the equivalent of bad words such as sarcastically saying a person is "without brains" (meaning "stupid") or other demeaning sarcastic insulting phrases that any language is very rich in, lol. Stating a fact "Clinton voted to invade iraq, while Obama did not" or "Merkel supported a particular law" is fine, but stating opinions mentally or in the absence of those people, that we wouldn't voice if we were in front of them, is just a waste of calories and mental energy that does little to bring a better world. The habit to label and judge others is so ingrained and a lot of it comes from our extrovert culture where we vent our thoughts without restraint as comedians do, lol. When we catch ourselves talking sarcastically, we can impose a 1 hour, day or week silence period as self-discipline to watch our mouth and thoughts more, but that's very hard to do too.

*Factual Analytical Observational Responsive Gentle Tranquil Humble Non-Assuming Soothing Clarifying Sweet Healing Polite Intellect Stimulating Hypothesis Offering "Low Gentle Healing Tone" Soft Tender Speech vs Opinionated Unasked for Impulsive Hurried Loud Random-Tone Speech (aware of our VOCAL TONE..., how many of us are aware or paying attention to the TONE OF OUR SPEECH? What if we would speak to everyone as we would (tone wise) with some guy or gal we want to know more or date or impress, lol?). For a good example of positive speech, see the "Thank you for being so sweet" post at

In all our cultures, literature, language structures, for speed purposes we have steered over thousands of years towards a very "simplistic labeling" way of writing and speaking - using a few words to render what would normally take a lot more words to be more exact and objective. We lack the habit of adhering to facts (neutral presentation of actions of others, motives which we have no clue about, since we cannot read others' conscious mind, soul mind and spirit telepathy induced motivations-thoughts and understand what happened) - steering towards biased expression of Labels, Judgments, Opinions, Interpretation, Insults, Bad Words, Sarcastic Phrases, Jokes. For example "Person X drove 8.2 miles above the speed limit at 5:03 pm on June 12th 2015" is a fact. The opinion of someone driving with person X, who got upset they were stopped by police and delayed was that X was "an idiot who drove way past the speed limit and made me miss my appointment". The truth might be that if X would have slowed down, the other person would have missed the appointment anyway. But in the clouding of serene rational thinking that happens when anger takes over, people stop making "realistic" judgments or world peace enhancing conclusions. Another example is emotional devotional adherence to a Dogma, Blind Belief, Absolutist Statement that has absolutely no "truth value" to other people who regard that as a "false interpretation of facts or only one of many possible interpretations of facts". This passionate adherence to this Dogma makes the person unwilling to admit their belief is ultimately a (perhaps not even easily testable) HYPOTHESIS about How Reality works, workings of reality being infinitely complex and ultimately Unknowable to the finite human brain. This dogmatic fanaticism then creates sometimes tension in communication when they speak and think in a fashion that is more cult-like, inflexible, incapable to adapt to new data that changes the interpretation or belief. "Earth is flat" because it appears to be so comes to mind, or "We live only 1 life" because it appears to be so. One could argue that for example nobody can prove or disprove 100% that souls can or cannot reincarnate ultimately, since one can come up with a billion spirit interference theories. Another thing in everyday less humble, less gentle emotional speaking is the TOTAL absence of the word PERHAPS or MAYBE, since the person is 100% sure that "This is so and that is so". The thing about the greatest thinkers is that they were not sure about anything. A good habit to move away from absolutism and fanaticism in thinking and speaking and writing MIGHT BE to use PERHAPS or MAY or MAYBE or "It appears to be the case that" "It seems as if this is so, but I am not sure, what is your interpretation of these facts?", etc more often. A less aware person might perhaps say "That guy is bad, let's do this or do this" (this is manipulating others, commanding others to believe in a relative opinion about someone and to do something about it). The more world peace and telepathy enhancing talk is perhaps "These are the facts..., what do you think i or we should do about this situation or guy?" - which is a respect for the interpretation of data by others, an appeal to co-creating the best outcome based on collective intelligence (which is always greater than individual intelligence). Today, we got more charts, science papers, science facts, etc - so people are more willing to move towards fact and steer away from opinions, towards hypotheses and away from "dogmas and this is the truth type of statements". "It appears to be that THIS IS HAPPENING based on these facts" is much better than "THIS IS HAPPENING based on what i know". Everyone understands the relative nature of our knowledge more than in ancient times, since we got a cell phone pocket library a trillion times bigger than any library before and we understand multiple possible interpretations of the same facts. Over time, naturally, perhaps we will move towards a gentler, more mental, more science like communication, based on more facts, gentleness, tenderness, respect, hypotheses, perhaps, maybe, asking for input in conclusion creation (from a set of data) - instead of the typical way of communication that is so prevalent (we don't even realize it sometimes) in some circles. We are humans and to err is human, but just remembering more often to not confuse opinions for facts is helpful; we will perhaps become much better at this and help the world move towards a more perfect harmony.

One can even use "Would you be so kind to do x, it would really help me with y and z?" instead of the usual "Can you do X " or "Can i ask you for a favor, can you do x". :) ♥

The Central Importance of THINK, PERHAPS, MAYBE, SEEMS TO BE

A key to WORLD PEACE creation and Evolutive or Evolving Telepathy is the 20+ telepathy habits... or actually the T.H.I.N.K. acronym embodied to such an extent, to such depth, that it basically becomes like the 20+ telepathy habits. In fact, the whole list of telepathy habits is nothing more than commentary on T.H.I.N.K., where instead of before "speaking", one needs to consider before "THINKING" asking the questions, is it TRUE, HELPFUL, INSPIRING, NECESSARY, KIND???? Anything that is truly kind is gentle, soft, tender, etc and all those qualities in the telepathy habits. Anything that is kind is automatically full of Perhaps, Maybe, Hypotheses, etc so as to avoid offending others or making them feel uncomfortable. Perhaps it is hard for people to develop a true loving kindness unified field coherence unless they truly live by these T.H.I.N.K. ideas, or a variant of them, presented in many spiritual paths in different sentence structures, word structures, etc, not necessarily T.H.I.N.K. or those telepathy habits. :)

One could argue that a or the main problem that causes Conflict in the World (relationships between people or even nations) MAY BE the old habit of talking without thinking, which then Becomes writing without thinking and THINKING without Witnessing and Purifying the Thought-Feeling Formation. This issue can be fixed easily by more introspection and less talking and less random thinking, more silence, introspection and RESEARCHING/FINDING of the fastest way to eliminate the natural acquired tendency to quickly judge, label, categorize fast (mentally or verbally) without much thought about how that might make other people feel (astrally if just a thought or physically if they hear or see what we wrote), even if written in a "private journal" or "just thought inside" - without anyone physical knowing the thought of course - but the thought being known to telepathic people sometimes via spirits relaying that information or ESP.

When we feel a little disappointed in someone's behavior, it SEEMS TO BE a good idea to (feel free to gently notice how i did not say "it is best") pray for them or bless them or ask the Universe to send them blessings of inner peace and whatever positive quality they may need, instead of "emitting negative thoughts that are judgmental about them", as this solves nothing, since truth is always infinitely more complex than an individual human brain can fathom thru one's labels, judgments, little internal angry thoughts (which nobody may know), etc.

It SEEMS TO BE kinder in certain cases to think 10 times than to write in speed something potentially insulting and then add "lol" to soften a sentence or laugh or joke, it SEEMS TO BE kinder to write Perhaps, Maybe, Hypotheses, SEEMS TO BE, PERHAPS IT IS, and take time and effort to think/verbalize/write/type/text in the least offensive way, than to write "lol". :) or even making jokes that may irritate certain people.

ONE OF THE BEST HABITS one could acquire SEEMS TO BE to replace the words "IS, ARE" with "SEEMS TO BE, IS PERHAPS, ARE PERHAPS, SEEM TO BE, COULD BE, MIGHT BE, IS HYPOTHESIZED TO BE, ARE HYPOTHESIZED TO BE" (not any double blind studies yet), ETC. This helps a person to be more tolerant, accepting, forgiving and less judgmental and cruel in speech :). Why? Perhaps because what is kind or funny to us may come across as ultra cruel or insulting to others, since we have no way to know how dear and holy certain things are to other people, nor do we know their fears, trigger points of bad memories, etc. :) That's why a peace maker in human relationships needs to be ultra careful about every word that comes out of his mouth or typing-writing too. :)

Phrases to avoid include "you should..." "he should, anyone should"... as it is a form of subtle yelling and commanding people, with no respect of free will. A nicer way to say something like that is "from this research some people have found that this works. Have you ever thought of trying this method of solving the problem among the 2 trillion ways possible? I would give it a try, but if you don't want to try, I understand, you got free will, just an idea that came to my mind, not sure if it's among the best and simplest solutions...".

"the best (or any adjective in superlative form) way to do this is..." is not ideal either. One could use "One of the potentially reasonable ways or one of the possible ways to tackle this seems to be this". IT SEEMS TO BE GENTLER to avoid using absolutist words such as "best" "greatest", "worst", etc as they could be said to lack in Nuance, Grace, Tact, gentleness, Compassion, Tolerance and Forgiveness. A better choice would be "perhaps it would be helpful to do x, among the 2 billion ways to solve the issue" instead of "you should do x". It's all about tone.

This problem (speaking, writing without thinking and thinking without witnessing and realizing the effects of thoughts on physical-astral matrix or reality) is probably a major cause of war - the fact people think, speak, act, feel in somewhat very Defined Ways, with very very few thousand or trillion shades in between, allowing for little space to understand others' points of view and where they come from. Everything is about NUANCE and CONTEXT. Perhaps to be an effective peacemaker is heart-wrenching and extremely difficult if one is not centered well in the zero point energy field, as one apparently can only bring peace if one is more like an ascetic of sorts, those people who think 10-30 times before speaking or writing, like the person Lao Tze and Proverbs and other talk about - or somewhat like that. :)

Everything that happened in our life so far, may have happened for one central reason alone, and that is to make us THINK deeply non-linguistically many (even 20 if needed) times before verbalizing thoughts internally, speaking, acting and writing - since this step of Soul Non-Linguistic Thinking translating into Linguistic Thinking and then Action-Speaking-Writing is the manifestation of Thoughts and Everything is lesson and the Thoughts create the World we Live in. The habit of discerning the Valley of Transfer of Non-Linguistic Thought into Linguistic Thought is just like biking or any skill, a habit that can be developed as we listen and watch our thoughts form, transmute, change.

The Tao Te Ching and other texts remind us that the centered individuals are only concerned with their own faults, not with the perceived or real faults of others. Each person knows their own faults better than most strangers if they introspect and listen to their "angels" or "spirit teachers" and one's faults are enough to keep one busy changing one's thoughts instead of "judging others and sending negative thoughts to others by thinking negative things". When temptation arises to start internally verbalizing negative things - it's good to use our favorite focused invocation as in one of the trillions of variants of "Gentle Tender Soft Smiley Soothing Healing Peace, Sweetly Kindly Nurturingly Bless the Planet with World Peace" :), or anything non-linguistic uplifting that helps replace negative thinking with positive thoughts. Another method is to realize all judgments are relative and pure opinions, not the truth itself and then willingly witnessing such judgments vanish so as to enable seeing the Good Potential in others. The world seems to be a product of THOUGHT, SO to bring World Peace or a better world, it seems that the way of thinking needs to change, since thoughts create reality. Every harsh, potentially insulting (even a joke), judgmental, negative, cruel word and thought, verbalized or not, written or not, is a step towards unhappiness and world chaos and wars, etc. Thoughts have effects on whoever entertains them. :) Everything we ever built was imagined first, planned, etc - it was THOUGHT. The world is created by our thoughts and the gentle tender soft compassion in them, or lack of these qualities.

The truth SEEMS infinitely complex and unknowable - perhaps if it were knowable, life would not be a school anymore. Every belief we have is perhaps, or could be, or seems to be, or could be thought of as a working hypothesis that helps us journey thru life's lessons, not necessarily a truth. The most important words in any language may be the following: could, could be, may be, seems to, seems, appears to, perhaps, although, hypothesized, eternal learning, not knowing, not assuming. Avoiding the word "is", "are", "should" as much as possible SEEMS best. :) All progress and evolution seem to rely heavily on these words. All world peace seems to rely heavily (heavily gives us a flexible percentage interpretation) on these words. That's why we would probably benefit if we use them 50 times more verbally or in writing. "What is Alex doing?" someone may ask. Another may say "Alex seems to be typing (based on my sensory data)" which seems much better than "Alex is typing". :) It acknowledges that according to his perception alex is typing, but that the Infinite Truth may be different. :)

QUESTIONING THE SOURCE OF EVERY FEELING, SENSATION, THOUGHT Leads to More Evolving Telepathy as explained below:
Connecting with more precise Telepathy is often aided by a little analysis of the thoughts-impressions we have or received using 4 questions for any suspicious thought, emotion, spiritual perception or even biological (arousal being one of dozens possible ones, but could be the "hunger-thirst" for smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, etc) or astral perception apparition or sensation (can be induced by unevolved spirits with manipulative or even harmful intent - even if they do not realize it harms humanity):

1. is it true? (i.e. does it really represent truth in its most universally loving kind form?)

2. can you absolutely know it's true and coming from most advanced beings you can connect to?

3. how do you feel when you think that thought or suddenly have some peculiar emotion or physical sensation? Do you feel respected, freed, with awareness expanded or the opposite? Do you feel in cosmic consciousness type of bliss state or what kind of state - see this post for one of the trillions of possible definitions for cosmic consciousness -

4. Who would you be without that "annoying or limiting thought, image, feeling, emotion, physical sensation"? Why not block it and stop it, detect its source via ESP perhaps?

Often times we have a thought and we think it's ours, but it could be surreptitiously implanted by a confused spirit of very low vibration and evolution. If we have thoughts that bring a lot of stress, we can question them using these four questions Byron Katie came up with - - to help us see other thoughts. Just because I share this doesn't mean I agree with everything Byron Katie might say in her books or videos, obviously, since she has hundreds of videos and i have only watched a few. All our thoughts, self-generated or received, are ultimately hypotheses and subjective data streams and very rough approximations of the infinitely complex reality of any person, thing, situation, etc. And as such, it's only logical that any thought is ultimately one of trillions of interpretations about the best possible answer to a question or the best method to achieve a goal, etc. As every thought is just a hypothesis, we can question the hypothesis, maybe test it and consider at least a few variations of said hypothesis or thought, even the opposite. These simple questions of Byron Katie can help us to discern the truth and switch channels from "lower telepathy" to "higher telepathy", when we receive thoughts that are - let's say "stressful", be them verbal or telepathic or impressions or we generate our own worries, without anyone making any comment from spirit or physical world. "Lower telepathy" from more confused energy fields, past inhabitants psychic impressions in a given location, past events at a location, nearby spirits, etc tends to bring a lot of fear, panic, anxiety, limited awareness, commanding tone and paranoia, while higher one from more mature spirits tends to bring peace, world peace, non-violence, gentleness, tenderness, softness, sweetness, kindness, cosmic consciousness, respect for our free will, and optimism.

Miguel Ruiz came up with those 4 agreements, which say "Don't make assumptions" (third agreement). It's the same idea, when you don't make assumptions, you can actually go thru these 4 questions and see what alternate hypotheses or thoughts could be truer than the one you worry about or has been conveyed to you by some physical or other source.

Difference between mature spirit telepathy and immature spirit telepathy (or our own ego):

immature VERSUS mature

flatters VERSUS informs
commands VERSUS suggests
demands VERSUS guides
tests VERSUS nudges
chooses for you VERSUS leaves choice to you
limits/constricts VERSUS empowers, expands
promotes dependency VERSUS promotes independence
intrudes VERSUS respects
pushes VERSUS supports
excludes VERSUS includes
is status oriented VERSUS is free and open
insists on obedience VERSUS encourages growth and development
claims ultimate knowing VERSUS recognizes a greater unknown truth
seeks personal gratification VERSUS seeks the best for all humanity

This chart (not exactly as worded above) is explained on page 222 of "The New Children and near-death experiences" by P.M.H. Atwater ( she is a leading near death experiences researcher, who started her NDE research in 1978) - - this book is 1 cent used on amazon.

There are many similar charts made in hundreds of books, like that can be used as ways to filter, interpret, evaluate telepathic ideas from spirit so as to determine, when unsure, the consciousness level of the spirit and its ideas. The evolved spirits telepathy comes across as tender, soft, gentle, sweet, freeing, free will respecting, patient, serene, optimistic (optimistic usually, unless trying to suggest to us to not do something inappropriate we are about to do, even if we don't realize that it is not the best choice at the moment and may interpret their message as not that "positive", lol).

It would be great to create the Translinguistic Telepathy University:), imagine a new world where language fights are over... a Peaceful World... May our words often be (it's very difficult though to recall this all the time, even if nice to wish for such a lofty goal, HABITS change very slowly, but as long as we try a little each day, it's nice) richer in universal Forgiveness, Altruistic♥ Kindness and Gentle Healing Soft Nurturing Compassion, Friendliness♥, Wisdom, Goodwill♥, Benevolence♥, Honesty, Empathy, Humility, Facts (questions better than assumptions, when facts are not available), Fellowship, Sympathy, Amity♥, Concord, Inoffensiveness, Sweetness, Non-violence, Boundless Selflessness♥, Accomodativeness - so that the world returns to Peace. is a great article about several researchers of ghost apparitions and the TELEPATHY between spirits and living humans - and discerning mature from immature spirits. Peter Underwood studied this for 70 years. Andrew Green ( also investigated ghosts for 60 years. He went into a haunted house and a voice told him to jump out of the window. He later found that over a few decades 20 suicides happened at that location. It appears to be that every single human being is influenced via audible or inaudible telepathy, whether they are aware or not, by spirits of many types, earthbound spirits, astral projectors, spirits of deceased people with little awareness, random confused spirits, scientists and noble spirits, spirits of enemy soldiers (or abused people) who now haunt the living as a revenge and drive them to suicide or all kinds of harmful behavior (alcohol or drug abuse, violence, etc), the list is endless, the karma is real, killing other people doesn't shut them up... if there is karma left and guardian spirits allow their "revenge" to take its karmic effect. A hypothesis is that advanced spirits know who is the starter of an issue between spirits... :), so they do allow "revenge" to occur... or "tempting" (doesn't have to be revenge at all, just tempting from random stranger spirits one never met before) as a learning mechanism. That's why it is hypothesized that we all benefit when we end wars and killings ► Perhaps we can say that wars solve nothing long-term, they just pass the ball to the next generation, victories can be reversed as spirits enact their "revenge" over 400 years or 100 years. Via telepathy and astral travel, spirits have a huge leverage in changing war outcomes over time. Ejecting a spirit by killing the body may ultimately only postpone the healing of that spirit, war doesn't disappear. Research points towards the idea that compassion alone heals hate, killing doesn't change the nature of spirits at all.

The good spirits always respect our free will and are accompanied by a peaceful gentle healing evolved nurturing compassionate soft tender energy. The unbalanced spirits are the opposite (and are hypothesized to be attracted by unpeaceful music, movies, environments, etc) and their telepathy is more language bound.


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Pre-conception and pre-birth Telepathy

Daughter reads mind of her mom exactly

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

Padre Pio mind reading cases (very long post)

Spirits use Books, etc and Telekinesis to confirm Telepathy (this post has a listing of other related experiences)


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