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Ken Elliott
Artist and author in Castle Rock, CO
Artist and author in Castle Rock, CO


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Join me on April 7th for this Hangout as we talk about Manifesting with Heidi Hornlein & Margherita Crystal Lotus!
Imagine you could think about something you want to have in your life - and it comes into existence. Did that ever happen to you? And why do you think this can happen - and will happen if we use thought in the right way?
If you don’t believe in “those things” or don’t know how to explain them to yourself, join our show with our special guest Ken Elliott. He has written a book about it explaining this phenomenon in detail. His insights have the power to change your view of the world and what is possible for you.

About +Ken Elliott  Ken Elliott is an award winning, bestselling author & artist who has been on showcased on media all over the world. Ken has learned how to manifest items both big and small, first creating his desires on the Other Side and watching those thoughts take from in our physical world. Ken is living a life that many call “magical and miraculous.  Over the last 20+ years Ken has been teaching others these simple techniques so they can create the life that they desire. 

Art & Personal Developement : +Ken Elliott speaks:
As a person that grew up in the art business, I have certainly seen and have developed a good understanding of art in a market context. As someone who was selling art I saw firsthand the joy and life-changing capabilities that art can bring to us including the buyer.

Later I went from being an art dealer to be coming an artist, and after years of remarkable experiences, I published a book on manifesting with new information about how thoughts actually take form. It is knowledge that is revolutionizing the field.

I feel I have a magical life making art and helping people create beautiful changes in their lives.

Personally I have used manifesting to improve my career and those of other artists and in the most magical ways.  I have learned to apply creative concepts as a painter to creatively build the lives we desire.
Interested? Join us in the live show or on replay -  here or on YouTube
And please tell your friends!

CONNECTIONS FORUM is a live online show hosted by Heidi Hornlein and Margherita Crystal Lotus. In the past 2 years we have offered 100 episodes with amazing guests who shared their piece of truth and their experience with us and our audience.

Our commitment for the next years is offering a space for people who want to be interviewed on their subject and use the video for their own marketing purposes. We offer coaching for overcoming camera shyness, for finding your authentic voice and we train you in all aspects of a live appearance.
If you are interested in our services please contact us at

About Heidi +Adelheid Hörnlein 

Heidi is a trained Gestalt Counselor, a transformational life - and relationship coach, an authentic voice coach and last not least an experienced show host and moderator. She has worked with Margherita since 2013 in the CONNECTIONS show. She is also hosting +Wisdom Factory ( with her husband Mark Davenport with guests grounded in an integral view of the world. Together with Mark she is delivering webinars and courses around personal relationships in the second half of life (

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Manifesting That Perfect Career!
Ken and I met through a mutual friend, an authentic Colorado cowboy and someone who has become a dear friend. A few months later, my cowboy friend invited me over for a casual BBQ at his ranch, knowing I was struggling with my business. As we barbecued a couple of steaks outside, I noticed this book with an interesting cover, “Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need #3” laying on his kitchen counter. I picked it up and started looking through it.  Cowboy walks back in and says, “Hey, you found the book Ken wrote. Do you believe in an afterlife and things like that?” Well, that started quite the conversation and before I left, he gifted the book to me...

To read more visit:

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New Work: Insistent Yellows, oil on canvas
I recently held a Making it Fine Art Workshop in Kansas City at the kind invitation and studio of Kirsten McGannon A R T.
This oil was done over three days as a class demonstration. I like to talk and paint and having an audience raises the bar. I want to truly demonstrate how to make good starts, and create an example describing a lot of the concepts discussed in the class.
I've learned the same thing as I tell the class - relax and just make a series of good moves that will improve the painting. The first concept will get something on the canvas and as an artist, you get to move beyond the photo or scene in front of you.
This oil is about those yellow trees and everything else in the painting supports all the yellow variations. Since I was working with limited time, I elected to keep the edges of everything less polished.
The end result is a more vibrant and textural work or art that completely surpassed the source material. It gives me a bit of a thrill.
On to the next adventure!
#fineart   #artwork   #art   #Denver   #Colorado  

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"Into The Woods" by Ken Elliott 
Available as poster or giclee
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