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Keeping an eye on the internets
Keeping an eye on the internets

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Is it Satan you see
In the bomb's eerie light
So proudly he smiles
At the gamma rays beaming

Whose broad beams and bright glow
Vaporized all in sight
And the radiation
Was so gallantly streaming

And our rockets white glare
H-Bombs bursting in air
Gave proof to our foes
That the bomb is still here.

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave?
O'er the land of the fee, and the home of the slave?

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Android vs. iOS - a clear winner emerges

I'm a big fan of mobile computing, and have been for as long as I can remember - ever since I first got my grubby little fingers on the Epson PX-8 back in the mid-80's, I've been hooked.

So I'm a big fan of mobile OSes, particularly iOS and Android. Until recently I would have had a hard time choosing which OS I would want if I had to pick one.

But recently that has changed for me. Surprisingly, I'd have no trouble picking now, and it would be iOS all the way.

What could change my mind? It's an easy question to answer: Ads.

Mobile advertising is becoming so offensive that blocking it is becoming imperative in order to be able to scroll pages and tap controls without accidentally hitting an advert and being redirected to a site or application that I wasn't intending to use.

So it's becoming important to me that the vendor of my browser is on-board with blocking offensive content, something that Safari on iPhone has recently gone to extreme lengths to provide support for.

Google, on the other hand is actively working to prevent users from controlling their mobile web experience on Android. Ad blocking applications are banned outright in the Google Play store.

As the web's largest ad vendor, Google's interests are in direct opposition to mine. Google have a vested interest in packing every page with as much advertising as users can stomach and in accepting any kind of advertisement no matter how intrusive - that's how they make their money.

So, on one hand we have Apple - supporting the consumer and choice, and on the other is Google - supporting big business, forced consumption and censorship.

I've long felt Apple were the ones most likely to censor and take away choice from their users, but Apple aren't the ones trying to force me to endure page after page rendered nearly unusable by offensive irrelevant advertisements.


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The swoopy zoomy animations and retina searing colours in iOS 7 make so much more sense when you're tripping on acid.

You, Sir Jonathan Ive are a true design genius, and I tip my hat to you!

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#freeAJstaff now!

Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt have been imprisoned for more than a year now on trumped up charges for reporting honestly.

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2014: Worst Year Ever

Too many people have died or had major health problems to mention, everybody seems to be struggling to hold on to what they have. I'm personally facing the threat of eviction, and consequently losing everything I own because I can't afford even a modest rental home on the outskirts of town.

And it's still not over. Hopefully 2015 will be better for those of us who manage to survive until then...

Conservatives are funny.

Apparently a human being's right to life needs protecting from the moment of conception right up until the point of birth, where someone has to actually contribute something in order to sustain their life, at which point they're on their own.

Hey Zoomy, KiwiBank, 2degrees, TradeMe etc. I want to love your mobile apps but you use butt-ugly titling fonts everywhere, even for showing screeds of text.

You hurt my eyes with your thoughtless amateur interface typography! 😫

Did Google buy Sparrow out of spite?

It's nearly 2 years now since Google bought the makers of Sparrow, my favorite desktop email client.

I was expecting great things: At the time, Google's iOS Gmail client was a weird hybrid html/native glom thing, while Sparrow on iOS was a clearly laid out and extremely snappy native iOS app. It seemed obvious that Google would rework iOS Sparrow's UI and release it as the official GMail iOS app. I even secretly hoped Google might start work on an official desktop gmail client based on (OS X) Sparrow's UI.

Since then, apart from there being no more updates to Sparrow, nothing has changed. No official desktop clients, and GMail on iOS still sucks balls. 

Which leads me to ask why the hell they bought Sparrow in the first place. Was it just to ensure that I have to suffer through Google's own terrible UIs?

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Now is a great time to stock up on disposable burner prepaid phones from The Warehouse. 

This $9 2degrees Prepaid SIM & Samsung 1205T bundle is discounted from $19, making them the perfect disposable phone that you can snap in half and throw into a river after using for one call.

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I am the terrorist! Terrorist!
The terrorist!
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