As a freelance tech writer, I'm at the crossroads of the SOPA/PIPA argument; I'm both a content creator and a firmly entrenched Webizen. My wife stays at home with our kids, so my family's lifeblood and well being literally depends on my ability to get paid for content I create.

Speaking of content I create, every article that I publish on the web gets stolen, scraped, "borrowed," and repurposed on sites that infringe my intellectual property, sometimes mere minutes after the original is posted. IP theft is a concern of mine. As I said, my writing is my sole income, so IP theft could literally take the food from my childrens' mouths.

Despite this, I am against SOPA and PIPA, bills ostensibly created to protect copyright, but bills that in actuality would serve to stifle free speech, innovation and anonymity on the Web. These misguided attempts to guard copyright actually encourage over-enthusiastic "anti-circumvention" policies that would strangle creation of new content, choke of the free flow of idea and silence the Web as we know it. Simply linking to another site would be a major legal risk. The language of the bill encourages service providers to "Shoot first" and not even both to ask questions later in order to receive immunity from liability and prosecution.

Please, if you haven't yet contacted your Congressional representatives about SOPA/PIPA, please follow the link and do so. It takes less than 30 seconds, and I promise that my family and my career as a supplier of intellectual property will thrive, even if -- maybe ESPECIALLY if -- the bills are killed.

~Brad Chacos, concerned content creator.
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