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I'm a bit confused, +Catac Lib. In the link in the Melanda section of that post (http://mesmerizedbysirens.blogspot.it/2012/03/what-shame.html) you pretty much trash the OSR as a whole and say you want to be "exempted from it". Yet here you are humping your own blog again in a G+ community dedicated to it.

Can you please clarify why you're here, if you hate the OSR so much? Did something change?
yes, i was quite angry that day when i wrote that post.
Perhaps something has changed. I still despise most of the OSR movement because it is mainly linked to D&D so in a sense i should stay away from this community. But at the same time how should i categorize the seven games that have been (or are being) re-published that i wrote today about? They are part of the OSR anyway, so insofar as i'm interested in them, i belong to the OSR nonetheless.No escape.
I took his comments to mean "I'm not part of the OSR, if OSR means only D&D clones." I personally don't define the OSR as only D&D-related clones, since I only played any form of D&D for about 3 months. For me, OSR is all the old games, EPT, C&S, Traveller, Champions, TFT, Metamorphosis Alpha, etc. If you really do mean only retro-D&D, then the OSR isn't what I thought it was and doesn't really apply to me either.
I certainly don't restrict the definition of OSR to D&D, but nobody I know of does either. Hence my question about those original remarks.
because they are always talking about D&D, "bracketing out" much, much more beauty.
No, we don't. Some of OSRers do, some others do not even play D&D (like me). Even if they did only play D&D despising someone that has harmless fun is, well, hipstery
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