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Game based employee incentive schemes
Game based employee incentive schemes

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Very interesting chat with a client today about how the the best prizes seem to be the non-monetary ones. "Have a manager as a slave for a day" is the most popular so far :) #incentive #motivation #staff

Quick update release this morning to add a collected flag next to each prize, so admin know which prizes have been collected by the game users.

Just had some very nice feedback from a potential client - "Firstly I'm a huge fan and secondly you've been very helpful and put a lot of thought into the project "

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We've just released the large screen mode for the Track Racing game. We will have this new feature in all games shortly. #motivation #incentive #games

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Six of the best games for your contact centre. Two of our games have been listed #game #incentives

Just wondering if anyone could provide us with some incite into incentivisation within the public sector? #incentives #publicsector #motivation

Some really useful ideas coming out of our latest customer trials. Going to be adding easily create-able sub groups soon as existing teams may not always be appropriate
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