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#Atheism   #AtheistHumour  Pat Robertson being his usual dumbfuck moronic self - The Insultingly Awful Love 'Expert' UL by TYT
Pat didn't use his bibblit or he would have known that adultery is punishable by death & under no circumstances is it to be forgiven. Ex: 20:14 - Deut: 22:22 -Lev: 20:10 - Prov: 6:32
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+John Summers Pat Roberson is an idiot. :) Seriously did you catch that 1st line? "He cheated on you, well...he's a man." Even audience members were groaning. LOL!
+John Summers I'm just about to log off, but just to clear it up, Pharisees are pushers of God's divine laws from the NT, which according to Jeebus (sermon on the Mount) adds that adultery includes lustful thoughts as well as the original "Thou shalt not commit adultery." and all sins are still punishable by death UNLESS they accept Jeebus as the savior. That's the only difference...a loophole. 
+Derek Pratt  Jesus commanded not to pray in public as the Pharisees do for they have their reward. That was my reference. Perhaps I need another term. 
+John Summers Yeah, there's that to. Pray alone and all that. I was talking about his take on adultery being accepted & forgiven when both old & new Test. are clear on the subject and no matter how you cherry pick it, adultery = death. The Prov: 6:32 says an adulterer must commit suicide to ensure they don't get into heaven...which Paul gets into when putting them in the same category as murderers and gays by saying they'll never inherit heaven. (somewhere in 1Cor.)
+John Summers At least Islam is honest about murdering adulterers and it's sheeple do it quite frequently, Christians are all about cherry picking what they like, disregard the rest & twisting their interpretations to suit their views. Regardless of what faith these charlatans call themselves they're all liars and frauds. 
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