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#Bravo748 #SuicidePrevention and #CrisisManagement #Speaker Kevin Brigg sharing some advice to help others as we journey through life.

#LawEnforcement #FirstResponder #JustSayNo #Listen2Understand #WeRInThis2gether

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Bravo748 #SuicidePrevention and #CrisisManagement Expert, Kevin Briggs

Interviewer: "And I imagine that for somebody who has helped over 200 people stop from attempting suicide, that takes some emotional toll on you. How did you care for yourself?"
Kevin Briggs: "Well, for the longest time I really didn’t and all of this took a heavy toll on me, to be honest with you, in the form of depression. So...." Follow the link and learn more!
#Bravo748Speaker #Speaker #LawEnforcement #FirstResponder #Veteran #DepressionIsREAL
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Bravo748 #SuicidePrevention Expert Kevin Briggs will be the Keynote on September 29 at the Napa Valley College suicide prevention conference. Read more below.

#KevinBriggs #GuardianOfTheGoldenGate #GGB #Keynote #Bravo748 #LawEnforcement #FirstResponder

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Bravo748 Motivational Speaker Bobby Henline spoke to almost 1,400 students last week at Brentwood High School on Long Island, New York. Standing ovations from both groups, tears, hugs, and "thank yous" were flowing.

Jennifer Pinto and Sharon Dwyer Littman - Thank YOU for recognizing the impact that Bobby has young people, and a GREAT BIG THANKS to the administration at #BrentwoodHighSchool for making time in your schedules to #MakeAPostiveDifference in the lives of your students and faculty!

#Keynote #Speaker #Motivation #RunLikeYoureOnFire #BootsOn #RetrievingFreedom #Bravo748
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#SuicidePrevention and Bravo748 Speaker Kevin Briggs is honored to be presenting along with Dr. Shawn Shea, Anne Kramer and Barb Smith at the 2017 Kiersten’s Ride Suicide Prevention Conference in Michigan 9/26-28.

"Clavier said while some may assume a person thinking of suicide will automatically reach out to a mental health care provider, that is not always the case.

“What we do know is quite often individuals will talk with the people in their everyday lives,” Clavier said. “And so before that person has even connected with mental health workers they’re already in contact with someone in our community, so it’s really important to educate all the layers of our community.”"

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Nice article from the Niagara Gazette about Bobby Henline​ during his visit in Buffalo, NY today and tomorrow for the "Run Like You're On Fire Tour!"!

"I discovered Bobby Henline last year when I was faced with a medical crisis involving the surgical removal of a cancerous Basal Cell Carcinoma from my scalp.

Following surgery my face became paralyzed. For several months I was unable to speak properly, chew or close my left eye. With no way of knowing if it would be permanent or not, I was in pain, housebound, pajama clad and watching everyone else's lives unfolding in cheerful and exciting ways.

I found myself growing increasingly depressed. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a post by an unusual looking Texan named Bobby Henline."
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A powerful exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery explores the human dimension of modern warfare through the lens of six contemporary artists in a remarkable, poignant fashion that feels both urgent and timeless.

Bravo748 Speaker and Photographer Stacy Pearsall owner of Veterans Portrait Project is one of the artists whose work will be displayed.

"Pearsall — an Air Force photographer and Bronze Star recipient who has worked in more than 42 countries, including three tours in Iraq — is a reminder of the idiosyncrasies of war, as moments of terror punctuate long stretches of boredom and waiting."

If your event is interested in having Stacy as a Speaker, Photographer, or sharing a display of her art, contact #HumanSideOfWar #Smithsonian #WarIsReal #NineEleven911
#FaceOfBattle #AirForceVeteran
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"Hotels Helping Heroes" found a great place to stay in Lincoln, NE for Bravo748 Comedian and Motivational Speaker Bobby Henline and his traveling Marine buddy Michael Marine Menegay as they make their way across the USA on the 2017 "Run Like You're On Fire" Tour. The Tour is focused on raising awareness of Bravo748 Military Speakers Bureau and fundraising for two veteran non-profit organizations, Boot Campaign and Retrieving Freedom, Inc.

Friendly staff at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 7343 Husker Cir
Lincoln, NE 68504, welcomed them and their service dogs, Daisy and Lola. Room was clean, plenty of space, complimentary breakfast a plus, great price. Highly recommend this Hampton Inn and Suites.

Hotels Helping Heroes offers current Military and Veterans a real opportunity to stay at three and four star branded hotels, such as Marriott, Hilton, Choice, and IHG, without having to pay three and four star prices.

Check them out here:
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Bravo748 would like to share the SAMHSA video of Kevin Briggs accepting a 2017 Consumer/Peer/Family Leadership Award for educating the public about mental illness and addiction and promoting the positive journey of recovery from these conditions.

Kevin's shared life and work experiences, journey, and mission to continue to give others hope and teach others how to give hope is amazing and humbling.

We appreciate all of the companies, organizations, non-profits, military bases, first responders, museums, podcasts, news media and others we have worked with over Kevin's Suicide Prevention speaking career (along with his company Pivotal Points) to spread the word that SUICIDE IS PREVENTABLE and to instill HOPE in others who may have lost their way but for a moment. We look forward to working with so many more of you.

We appreciate the support we have from our friends, colleagues, partners, and everyone in the Suicide Prevention world. Working together, we continue to talk about, train, and educate others about Suicide Prevention, in the hopes we, and those we connect to each and every day, continue to save lives.

In particular, we appreciate the support we have from those of you who have lost loved ones to suicide. We continue to learn from you, and our hearts are filled with love, sorrow, and most of all hope that you will see your loved one again someday.
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Doc Collins is a recently retired Army Combat Medic from Virginia, who relocated to the Gulf Coast of Alabama to mind his own business.

Getting his start in the world of subjective sports as a teenage bodybuilding sensation, he moved on to the world of television professional wrestling, and then applied his physicality in a service capacity. Serving the 4/6 Infantry, and going on to become a Master Fitness Trainer, Doc has been driving deeper and deeper into the adaptive Veteran nonprofit world only to find that his professional calling was maybe more brains than brawn.

For the past year and a half, Doc has been writing a series of novels, focused on real life military issues and relationship challenges in a romance genre, beginning with the title "1300 Hours." The author and speaker expects his first title to be published the summer of 2017, and has plans to reach into children's books by this year's end.

Most recently speaking at the Raider Project Military Transition Seminar in Dallas (see video below), Doc is passionate about the continued success of his transitioning peers' grabbing hold of a personal mission and succeeding.

He shares his personal stories of believing and achieving, and is a perfect speaker for for audiences such as Transitioning Military, Human Resources, Sales Teams, Healthcare/Behavioral Healthcare, Military and Military Associations, Veteran Associations, Organized Athletics, Business, Children of Military Service Members, Nonprofit Organizations, and so much more.

See more about Doc click here.

To inquire about Doc speaking at your next event, contact
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