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Social Justice Event:The Vagina Monologues
I was so afraid that I wasn't going to find a social justice event that fit in my schedule. Luckily I found this one yesterday for tonight at 6! I was so excited because I wanted to see The Vagina Monologues ever since it was first mentioned in class. Well ...

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Shor: Empowering Education Quotes
This article was very long…but it was very thought provoking and I loved the topic. “Piaget urged a reciprocal relationship between
teachers and students, where respect for the teacher coexisted with cooperative
and student centered pedagogy” (Shor 11).  I ...
Shor: Empowering Education Quotes
Shor: Empowering Education Quotes

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Wise: Whites Swim in Racial Preference Reflection -- Late :(
I really enjoyed reading and
watching these videos. They were really interesting and put a different spin on
the case that  I've  already learned so much about.  I've  learned about this case
at least 6 different times between middle school, high school, an...

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Kliewer: "Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome" Reflection
reading this chapter I'm ashamed to admit that I was actually skeptical. I was
always under the assumption that individualized special education classrooms
were a good idea for the special needs students to get the education that they
needed. After r...

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Finn: Literacy with an Attitude
I am going to start out saying that this piece was insanely
long and detailed, (but very informative after getting past the length) and connected
to a lot of what we already read this semester. I also thought the post was due
on Thursday so I apologize for ...
Finn: Literacy with an Attitude
Finn: Literacy with an Attitude

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Pecha Kecha Update
Well what I seem to be having trouble with is finding a main topic. I have a lot of little stories that relate to a lot of different authors but finding one big author to talk about seems problematic for me. I'm not too worried about this assignment except ...

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Kahne&Westheimer: In Service of What? The Politics of Service Learning
not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country" This quote is in President John F. Kennedy 's inaugural address. It means that
we should not only better ourselves, but better our environment and others
around us as well. ...

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Christensen: Unlearning the Myths That Blind Us Quotes
“If I
want my students to wrestle with the social text of novels, news, or history
books, they need the tools to critique media that encourage or legitimate
social inequality” (127).   and “ True death
equals a gener ation living
by rules and attitudes they...

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Safe Spaces Reflection Questions
I definitely connected this reading to SCWAAMP. The first
bullet in SCWAAMP is Straightness. Personally I always grew up thinking a man
and a women are the only people that get together. Not because I didn’t believe
it was right, but because I was never exp...

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Aria by Rodriguez
“I easily noted the difference between classroom language
and the language of home” (34). This quote reminded me of our class discussions on
language. Not necessarily the actual language that is spoken, but the tone of voice (for example) and different
Aria by Rodriguez
Aria by Rodriguez
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