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2016 Crossfit Open in Pictures
16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4 16.5

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Well, This Happened!
I was not going to get another dog.  I had so many reasons: I don't have time, it's a pain when we want to go away, the expense of vet bills, food etc. Even though I was adamant I wasn't going to get a dog, I continued to follow the RSPCA page and the Pet C...

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Crossfit Total
I went backwards on the CFT this time but I'm not too concerned, I was a bit sore from the day before plus I had a break over Christmas AND I had ripped my hands doing pull ups.  The Gods were against me. The positive I got from the workout was how I failed...

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I was pretty happy with how this WOD went.  I'm not a huge fan of Grace, it is a little boring.  I would rather do a long chipper style workout than a sub-5 minute WOD of 30 clean and jerks but at the end of the day I seem to always improve a little.   Date...

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I did this workout in August but somehow forgot just how much it hurt.  My arms don't want to work. We had a 10 minute cut off this time, I should have scaled accordingly, my reps were horrible.  Unfortunately I didn't make the cut off so I have extroplated...

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3 years I have been going to Crossfit.  3 years I have had the goal of doing a box jump.  3 years I have been crippled with fear of jumping onto a box.  The highest I have successfully jumped with 2 feet jumping and landing at the same time has been 3 bumpe...

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Baby Steps
I've made teeny tiny steps forward in some areas. I bought a 20" foam plyometric box for home and have been practicing on that most days.  I can jump on it while holding onto Mal's hands and I feel like I'm getting a little bit better everyday.  The problem...

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Today was Nancy which is:   Nancy, 5 rounds for Time: 400m Run 15 OHS 42.5/30kg   As we all know, overhead squats and me don't mix well.  That aside, I was really happy with this workout today.  When I reflect to where I was not that long ago with my back i...

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I did this one previously with Jardan when I was doing PT with her.  It was modified (I did SDHP with Jardan) therefore it is difficult to compare the actual results. Coe: 10 rounds: 10 Thrusters 42.5/30kg 10 Ring push ups To be honest, this was the toughe...
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