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Dan MacNeil
Has only recently accumulated more years doing software than unloading trucks
Has only recently accumulated more years doing software than unloading trucks

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I suspect Social media makes me shallower. If it were easy, I'd keep a little journal of what I've learned / contributed after each day of FB and G+ and then decide if time was better spent on deeper/harder stuff.

I suspect the big SM win is probably feeling less lonely. Another way to frame 'less lonely' is 'more connected'

has a new goal of making all his workplaces very, very quiet. Having more goals is still the big goal.

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Dear aspirational Google+ spambots: I don't think nearly as many very young, attractive Indian women want to be in my circles as you wish to imply.

once again, google calendar introduces me to his burn-out brother G+

updated calendar, felt the pull of the G+ time-sink vortex , pulled back.

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I'm just a fanboy, but this is not technical, shorter than threatened, sincere and worth a look.
So Lasu wrote a different retrospective on 20 years of Linux..

changed coffee shop caching DNS servers to and (google) Comcast was not performing well and who wants their mistyped URLS redirected to Ads

was dragging after work. Laura (no way to @ tag) gently nudged me out the door for a run. Ran slow the first mile, picked up the pace by a minute/mile for remainder, now feel good. This may not be of interest to any but runner friends (who are mostly/ all?) on facebook.

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I don't like giving numeric scores on performance reviews ("communicates openly and actively", "effectively prioritizes tasks"). I don't think the scales are well calibrated and because some of them just need to be satisfied whereas others are open ended. (I'd be a bit more ok with saying "X communicates better than Y" or "X does/does not have a problem with reliability".)

I was told the other day that many other engineers feel the same, but many business people really like having numbers.

You might have expected the opposite: that nerds would be more keen to reduce things to numbers.
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