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According to Einstein Time Travel is Possible
physicist Prof. Brian Greene is enchanted by time (everyone is). Is the time we
experience in our day-to-day lives actual? Is our understanding of time truly
how the world is organized? Can time be broken up into particles just like
matter? Thes...

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Supernova that is 100 Million Times Brighter Than Our Sun
1987A  was first seen by observers in the southern hemisphere on
February 23, 1987, when a giant star suddenly exploded at the edge of a nearby
dwarf galaxy called the  Large Magellanic Cloud , approximately 163,000 light-years
away. Because of its relat...

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Maps Reveal Three Week Early Spring Spreading Across America
Groundhog Day came and went, bringing predictions of six more weeks of winter
– but in the weeks to come, much of the US was instead greeted by unseasonably
warm weather. For some, spring has already begun well ahead of schedule, a new
study led by the US G...

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Nokia 3310 Is Making a Comeback

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Look Up! A Stunning 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse Will Appear On Sunday
Get your binoculars ready, as the first solar eclipse of 2017 is poised
to appear on Sunday. The sun will be hidden by the moon leaving just a slender
'ring of fire' around the edge. The spectacle will be visible to more than half
a billion people across th...

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Disney Researchers Make Wireless Power Transfer Breakthrough
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and… breakthroughs in wireless power transfer?
Yep, scientists at a branch of the Walt Disney Company called Disney Research
have found a way to charge devices on a room-scale without using any wires. Wireless
power is an idea tha...

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New Research Could Rewrite Physics From the Ground Up
From the giants in the night sky to the very particles that make us,  us
—  everything involves physics’ theory:  The
Standard Model.  Currently, the Standard Model describes elementary
particles that are known as the “building blocks” of matter. These part...

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The LHC Disproves the Existence of Ghosts and the Paranormal, Says Brian Cox
Looks like the Ghostbusters have some competition, and it’s renowned
physicist and science communicator Brian Cox. But rather than bust some
ghosts, it looks like he’s more in the business of destroying the idea of the
paranormal entirely. He wasn’t just lo...

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Here Is Everything You Should Know About Einstein’s Special Relativity and The Twin Paradox
Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity dictates that, it's possible to
be older or younger than your twin because time can take faster or slower
dependent on how you're moving.  According to the first postulate of Special
Relativity the laws of physics are...

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This 46-Billion-Pixel View Of The Milky Way Is The Largest Space Image Ever Created
Well, yeah. This image is quite big. Astronomers have stitched together a
high-resolution vision of the Milky Way, which measures an amazing 46 billion
pixels and its total size is 194 gigabytes. Yikes. Luckily, you don’t need to
download the entire picture...
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