News Flash!!!

Today, April 21, 2013 at around 9:00 AM, the Islands of the Philippines have been put under the protection of the Enlightened Faction.

PH Enlightened agents captured and secured key locations in Metro Manila, Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, Southern Luzon and Visayas to give way to the largest green field blanket ever created to cover the country. Initial calculations put the field over 33 Million Mind Units.

High level PH ENL operatives split up and moved in to their target portals while other agents worked in Metro Manila to act as decoys to lure the Resistance group.

The links will break and fields will fall but this momentous event will be engrained in the minds of each and every Filipino under the green blanket. This is one step closer to helping these people achieve Enlightenment.

One big hurrrrahhhh for the Enlightened Faction!!!!

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+Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger 
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