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Coming July 1st

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Which is better?
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Splat zones
Turf war

Who wants to play splatoon? My username is msilverbrand

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The Journey Begins!
Hello, and welcome to Unorganized and Dysfunctional a media blog for not the average reader. My name is Marley Orion Silverbrand, and you will be seeing a lot of me on this blog. You will see a variety of content from  movie, video game, and music reviews, ...

Thinking about doing a hangout tonight with +Tyler Durston at 5:00 PM PST. #filmmakers #hangout #faith

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I am sorry for being very inactive in this community, but I just finished my first wedding video. Please give me feedback, and enjoy!

1 more hour until the filmmakers hangout.  We are talking about gear this week, and much more. 

I like how the Nintendo Direct just went off the air without saying good-bye. No news on Zelda Wii U, or Smash Bros....

Stupid Questions to Ask a Filmmaker when they are shooting: "Hey...What are you doing?"

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Cinephiles 1-on-1 Episode 20: Frugal Filmmaker Interview  I talked about The Frugal Filmmaker on the last Filmmakers' Hangout, and I was lucky enough to talk with him for an hour. Hope you enjoy this interview.
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