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Extracting an image with Photoshop
                                                                   original image                                                                                                                                                                              cr...

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'How Does The Opening Scene Of The X-Files: Squeeze Attract The Audience?' Draft
does the opening scene of The X-Files: Squeeze attract the audience? The X-files
opens with an enigma, a murder or something which intrigues the audience and
sets the case for Scully and Moulder to investigate. In this episode a killer
enters rooms with...

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Sound from LaurenJohnsonnnnn

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Editing is used to construct a narrative. It is used to change long boring scenes into quick visual bursts of information. The simplest form of editing is a cut, a cut is named so as in old fashioned film making they split the best parts of the film from un...

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Camera Shots
Extreme Close Up    Close Up   Medium Close Up   Medium Shot     Medium Long Shot     Long Shot     Extreme Long Shot    

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Mise-en-scene, is a French term meaning everything in the frame. Examples of things included in mise-en-scene; lighting, costume, lighting, colour, composition. In the opening scene of Jaws, a group of teenagers are sitting around a fire, having a social ga...

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How are generic elements angles are used to create suspense in the attic scene of The Exorcist?
During the attic scene of The Exorcist, there are various methods to create suspense, such as: Sound- during this scene there is no music used, this creates suspense as you are listening for what the character is listening for. Stereotypical, Vulnerable Vic...

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Shutter Island, is one of my all time favourite films. It keeps you in constant suspense, DiCaprio does a flawless job of portraying his character. It creates a brilliant atmosphere, makes you question life as it is and it is a brilliant look in on insanity.
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