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Man, Dad, Runner, Chief Dog walker
Man, Dad, Runner, Chief Dog walker

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Just downloaded this, clever app that allows you to use one iOS device as a camera remote and viewfinder for another. Could be very useful when out and wanting to take family photos etc.
No doubt Apple will come out with a watch or something soon that'll do the same but until then....

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Percy the Park Keeper Woodland Animals

This week we have been reading One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth and we made some cute woodland animals out of toilet rolls to go along with our reading.

What do you think?

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Ok, I know another link about wearable tech, but it's really quite fascinating. 
This is a nice summary of what happened at CES this week.

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Wearable tech is a big area of innovation right now and something I'm fascinated with, but how about a monitor that attaches to your babies clothes and can track their temperature, breathing, heart rate?
Taking parents worries to another level?

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Is it too late to ask for this for Christmas?

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The wearables market is definitely one of the more interesting places right now, lots of innovation and new uses for technology.
This one fascinates me, would love to see it in action. Fairly pricey and you'd worry about putting it in the washing machine, but I like the way these products are headed.
#technology #wearabletech 

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Something uplifting and inspiring for this grey Wednesday. Take a couple of minutes to watch the trailer for this amazing movie and I would encourage all of you to try and see the full movie if you have chance.

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Everyone loves a good panto! (Oh no we don't!)
Having managed to progress 38 and three quarter years without ever seeing a panto, with the exception of the Cbeebies Panto on the telly, I've now seen two in a week and am pretty confused. The first we saw was Aladdin and didn't contain a single celeb. It ...

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Today I mainly have my fingers crossed that I get selected to be a #markwarnerdad and here's why I think I'm the perfect candidate.
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