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This is awesome!
It's Create the Future week on #makercamp ! Using some basic materials and software running on your computer, we're going to make a 3-dimensional virtual reality controller - yes really! We call this Weekend Project powered by +RadioShack the Touchless 3D Tracking Interface. Look for it immediately following today's field trip, see the project here: - and have a great weekend everyone! #RSLetsPlay  
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Finally, some details on Google Glass' Mirror API! :D
TLDW; OAuth 2 for app permissions, simple JSON-based REST API for sending html-based 'timeline cards', registering as a 'Share' Action (similar to the Android 'Share' Intention) and subscribing to Timeline notifications. Not a bad start, but it'd be nice to be able to do streaming video/audio (maybe with WebRTC?)

Grraaaaahhh!  +Google Developers You make me sad with your Google I/O registration process.  I finally got a ticket then, when I went to pay,  Google Wallet just sat with a spinner while I got to watch the timer for how long it holds it for you count down to zero :(  Very frustrating.

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#ifihadglass  I'd create an app for price, review and environmental friendliness comparisons for products the wearer holds up.

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#ifihadglass  I'd integrate it with my +Leap Motion to make an augmented reality, 3D interface.

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#ifihadglass I'd build an app for it to learn traffic light patterns and help you hit green lights.

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My coding partner, Chris King from Cisco and I won the RallyON Hackathon competition this year!
We stayed up hacking all night and managed to build an animated kanban board that used the new analytics api to let you look back in time at previous states of the board.

Pictures of the stupidly large (and awesome) trophies below. Code from the hackathon available at and /RallyApps. This was a huge amount of fun and not only did we win bragging rights, but we got a new iPad each as well! : D
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