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Learn Dutch Online With Rozemarijn
Learn Dutch online - free Dutch lessons on YouTube
Learn Dutch online - free Dutch lessons on YouTube

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Finally: #Word #order (part 2) is online! Everything about #questions and #imperative mood in #Dutch. Including yes/no-questions, wh-questions, and imperative sentences (a wish, an order, a request, etc.). With clear explanation and easy example sentences.

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Again I added all the reactions to the #lessonsdutch of last month to my website #LearnDutchOnline (under Reactions). Next week I'll finish a new lesson - important subjuct this time: "word order in Dutch". #learndutch

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Impressing: "Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn" now has 1.000 subscribers!! Great #record for my YouTube-channel --- I did never foresee this when I started...!  #learndutch #dutchlessons

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"Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn" is nominated as best Language YouTube Channel!!
-> Please vote (before 9 juni 2014) on:
- scroll to: "Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn"
- NO login needed ; NO e-mail asked !!

Thank you very much for your support!

And the support over the last 2 years, all the comments, positive feedback and thumbs up!

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