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I was thinking: is it possible that the 5.0 update to the 2013 Moto X could be taking a bit longer than other phones because of its X8 chipset? Developers, please chime in. 

Anybody have cool I/O wallpapers? I can't seem to find any hi-res ones anywhere! 

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Took this while washing the car yesterday. Love this camera. Moto X camera Auto HDR. Not bad at all. #M3 #android #motox #motorola #BMW #bimmer #soapy #carwash

My phone has been kind of weird lately. Can barely get 2.5 hours of screen on time with roughly 16 hours total. Games lag (even Flappy Bird...) and sometimes Active Display is very slow. More recently, multitasking has been a bit laggy as well. I'm running ART and am not rooted/unlocked (yet). Any suggestions for improving said problems? Thanks!

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Eating cotton candy in reverse
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Question: the speaker grills on the bottom of the N5...are they both speakers or is only one a speaker?

So if I already won a prize from the +KIT KAT contest, I can't win anything else? The first code I ever entered won me a $5 Google Play credit. I never redeemed it because I figured I'd keep trying codes to get a Nexus 7. I'm in the US if that means anything. 
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