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Planes, helicopters, anything aviation related
Planes, helicopters, anything aviation related

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With the advent of g+ communities, this page has become a bit redundant, hence the lack of postings lately.  If you haven't already discovered them, I can recommend the Aviation Community which seems to be a pretty good place to share photos, videos and discuss all things plane related.

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Sharing for #militarymonday.  A Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom seen at the RAF Mildenhall Air Fete 96.  Nice proper camouflage job, none of this boring grey rubbish :-)

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Sharing for +TransportTuesday , a South African Air Force Boeing 707 tanker seen at Mildenhall Air Fete (UK) in May 1996.  Mildenhall was one of the best airshows on the UK circuit until its demise in 2001.  The burgers were legendary, as was the ability to have a cold can of beer or two to go with them.  An event that is sadly missed.

I discovered the other year that similar quality burgers are available at RIAT Fairford on arrivals days, which was such a pleasant surprise I had to have two :-)  That's what happens when you let the resident American guys do what they do best!

#transporttuesda  curated by +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko

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English Electric Canberra

Entering service with the RAF in the early 1950s, the Canberra was developed as a high altitude light bomber and set a new world altitude record in 1957.  Almost 800 served with the Royal Air Force, and it was exported to almost 20 other countries.  In the US, it was licensed built by the Glenn L Martin company who built 400 for the USAF.

The RAF continued to operate the Canberra in its photographic reconnaissance role until 2007.  Until its retirement, its unique capabilities were in great demand and were shrouded in secrecy.  

NASA currently operate two WB-57Fs from Houston, Tx, these examples having extended wings for high altitude flights.

Chose to share this pic because its top of my Flickr views for today :-)

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The US Navy is starting shipboard testing of unmanned aircraft.  A Northrop Grumman X-47 prototype is seen here being winched on board the USS Harry S Truman at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia.  This will be the first time that an unmanned aircraft has been operated from an aircraft carrier.

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North American A-5 Vigilante

One of the largest aircraft to ever operate from US Navy aircraft carriers, the North American A-5 Vigilante was originally designed as a supersonic nuclear bomber, and entered service as such in 1961.  That role was soon taken over by nuclear missile armed submarines, though, and the Vigilante was converted to the tactical reconnaissance role and served with the USN until 1979.

The example seen here was (still is?) preserved at the Naval Test & Evaluation Museum at NAS Patuxent River, Md in 1995.  Must have been an impressive sight seeing these beasts operate from carriers!

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Haven't shared anything for a while, so here's a random picture from my Flickr account of a DC ANG F-16C based at Andrews AFB, Md.  This bird has special markings for the 121st FS Commanding Officer and has a red find band as opposed to the more normal grey.

Seen on the ramp at Andrews in 1995.

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Minimum Interval Take-Off - the technique used to get as many bombers in the air as possible in the shortest period of time.  Practised to ensure that, in the event of a surprise nuclear attack, at least some of the US nuclear attack force could get airborne to respond.

Associated with the cold war, its still practised as witnessed here at Minot AFB, North Dakota when 15 B-52 bombers get into the air ASAP.  The sound and spectacle is just awesome - American air power at its best!

B-52 MITO departure, Minot AFB, ND
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