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Anyone know a good medical blog? I'm looking for a "how we do X" blog, that explains various medical procedures and stuff. What are the blogger's favorite tools? Opinions on common medical choices? How do physicians diagnose ... whatever? Etc etc. I know a lot of astro blogs like this, and some chemistry blogs, but what about the medical field?

I'm really wondering why I have four incisions for my gallbladder removal. I understand why it is more than one, but I just want more low-level information.
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One is for the camera and either two or three (depending on the surgeon and the anatomy) will be for the instrumentation of various sorts.

All the ones I was in on during med school required four incisions however they can sometimes be done in places that make them almost invisible, for example right near the belly button or along pre-existing scars or stretch marks. 
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Added photos to West Seattle Curiosity Mars Landing Party at the Kenney with Alice's Astro Info.
Happy Ada Lovelace Day!
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Finally finished writing the new planetarium show that will open up at the end of this month. It's all about gravity!
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weighty subject...
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Looking forward to Curiosity's landing. I hope it goes well, AND I hope we hear the upshot early on. :)
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Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory, will be touching down on Mars at 10:31pm Pacific time. Join Alice's Astro Info and fellows to watch mission control bite their nails and listen for the signal that means she made it!
West Seattle Curiosity Mars Landing Party at the Kenney with Alice's Astro Info
Mon, August 6, 2012, 1:00 AM
The Kenny, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, Washington 98136

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See you in a couple hours!!
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This is where I post all about cool astronomy stuff. I am the woman behind the curtain of Alice's Astro Info, as well as the Planetarium Supervisor at Pacific Science Center and a volunteer NASA Solar System Ambassador.
And a mother of one adorable, perfect, baby girl.

Alice's fascination with the stars led her to try her hand at astronomy research in Boston and Walla Walla, where she realized that her calling in life was actually to work in museums and be a translator for scientists. Now she works hard to share her love of the stars and excitement about astronomy with as many people as possible.
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