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OK, so we endered an agreement with DuckDuckGo!

All searches that our done using our start page ( are now tracked by DuckDuckGo.
DuckDuckGo search plugin is also in our latest firefox package (which is now the default) along with a salix forum search and a salix wiki search, which are also tracked too.
Going to do the same with midori.
Tracking is simply done by an additional search option (t=salix) in the search query, so you don't have to be afraid of any personal information is stored and it doesn't mess with your search results.
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Sounds promising. Before using this I'd like to confirm: 1) Firefox plugin is fully open source, and 2) Can use it without signing up for a personal account? Thanks!
Thanks, the search drop-down contains a DuckDuckGo option after upgrading Firefox, though with some quirks:

A) The plugin is not installed, and no mention of it appears when restarting Firefox. This is OK with me, except that the ?t=salix is missing from my searches, which may then fail to get contributed properly (or at all?) to DuckDuckGo.

B) JavaScript is required by the added drop-down option, labelled DuckDuckGo (SSL).

C) With JavaScript disabled (via NoScript), the DuckDuckGo error page displays a link to a non-JavaScript page. Following that link, the drop-down then contains an option to add the resulting page as DuckDuckGo HTML.

D) If you click on the search icon button with that DuckDuckGo HTML option selected, leaving the search text box empty, then the page requiring JavaScript comes up instead. A workaround for this is to enter a space character into the search text box before clicking on the search icon.

All that said, the quirks are relatively minor and I'm enjoying the power, flexibility, and privacy of DuckDuckGo. Thanks again to the team!

Edit: Would this alternate, non-JavaScript plugin be a viable option, given our agreement?:
Ok, the non-javascript plugin will be added when Firefox have to be upgraded.
The javascript one will be the default one, but the other will be in the list, you will have to choose it as your default one.
When you will see the update, remove your DDG plugins in order to install the Salix ones.
Thanks, +Frédéric Galusik, perhaps I'm being too obsessive or dense here, though I do have a couple more related questions:

I only started using DDG after reading your original post here, then installing the latest Firefox upgrade. Before that I had no DDG entry in my search drop-down list.

So perhaps the DDG plugin was actually included with the Firefox upgrade, though its only effect was to add the DDG entry to my search drop-down options. Looking at the plugin source code, that appears to be the case.

I had previously been confused because the DDG plugin fails to show up under Plugins via the Tools > Add-Ons menu item.

So, wen you write remove your DDG plugins above, are you referring to the Manage Search Engines... option in the search drop-down list?

Finally, the t=salix argument appears to be unrelated to the plugin. Instead, to get that arg appended to my searches, do I simply need to use the Salix Search page ( ?

Thank you once again!
>So, wen you write remove your DDG plugins above, are you referring >to the Manage Search Engines... option in the search drop-down list?
Yes, I am.

>Finally, the t=salix argument appears to be unrelated to the plugin
Yes, it is. It just let DDG track how many requests come from Salix.

Salix DDG firefox search plugin and the homepage are the same.

>Thank you once again!
You're welcome ;)
In case you haven't noticed yet, the duckduckgo-lite search plugin was added to the firefox 11.0 package which was upgraded last week. This doesn't use javascript so it will be no problem using it with noscript.
After upgrading, when I select DuckDuckGo Lite from the drop-down, it takes me to the standard page which requires JavaScript. I did manually find an alternate URL, which works without JavaScript, and has a nice Quack button. Perhaps there's a problem when upgrading from an earlier version of Firefox, rather than installing the new version 11 from scratch? In any case it's easy enough to work around the glitches; just thought you might like to know.
To clarify my last comment: the problem with DuckDuckGo Lite occurs only when leaving the search box empty, then clicking on the magnifying glass icon. OTOH if you actually enter any text into the search box, then it takes you to the correct Lite URL. Sorry for any confusion.
Yes, you got it ;)
Thanks, I also found another work-around, which is the same one I used with the previous DuckDuckGo HTML version: enter one blank space in the search box, rather than leaving that box empty. The goal here is to use the magnifying glass search icon as a shortcut to go to the DuckDuckGo site. I prefer to enter my search terms there, rather than in the search box on the toolbar.
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