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Have you ever wanted to live on your own island? How about founding your own country? Complete with its own government, rule of law, and set of citizens you picked yourself?

With the work of the Seasteading Institute, that may be possible some day. Founded in 2008 by Patri Friedman (a former Google engineer and grandson of the economist Milton Friedman), the Institute is attempting to create 'floating cities'. Check out this mission statement from their website

At The Seasteading Institute, we believe that experiments are the source of all progress: to find something better, you have to try something new. But right now, there is no open space for experimenting with new societies. That's why we work to enable seasteading communities -- floating cities -- which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for government. The most successful can then inspire change in governments around the world. We're opening this new frontier because humanity needs better ways to live together to unlock our full potential.

One of the largest backers of the project is Peter Thiel. "Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water, and there's so much we can be doing with oceans and it was one of the frontiers that people have more or less abandoned," Thiel said in an interview with ABC News in May. "It's pretty far in the future but closer than, say, building cities on the moon." The goal is create "sovereign nations in international waters, free from the laws of any country."

I can't wait to see how this plays out -- the non-profit organization is only about 3 years old, but it seems like they're making quite a bit of progress.
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