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Neural #52 COMPLEXITY ISSUE(S) is still available:

- Interviews:
Constant (An Mertens, Femke Snelting)
Rosa Menkman
Tristan Perich
Alberto Novell
Philip Galanter
Ralf Baecker

- Articles:
Simplexity, the art of the one-liner for sonic complexity by Paul Prudence

- Reports:
“Disruption” ISEA 2015, 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver
“Test Exposure” WRO, Wroclaw
xCoAx 2015, Glasgow

- News:, welcome aboard refugees (with Andrea Natella)
Artificial killing machine, billing the drone strikes by Jonathan Fletcher Moore
Holograms for Freedom, manifest- ing in the collective imaginary by No Somos Delito
A quiet desert failure, Be patient, the desert is coming by Guido Segni
Tinder In, side by side pictorial identities by Dries Depoorter
What Do Machines Sing Of?, hummed anthropomorphism by Martin Backes
Illumination, the voice of the daytime by Christian Skjødt
Pulsar Kite, aeolian instrument for computer music by Juan Duarte
Soft Revolvers, sharp audiovisual spinning by Myriam Bleau
Gelöschte Masse, deleted sounds of the masses by Hannes Seidl
Caress of the Gaze, Like technological animals by Behnaz Farahi
Camera Restricta, to share or not to share by Philipp Schmitt
Dear Data, slow data postcards by Georgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec
External Interior, inside-out perspective by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Picture Sky, sky is (not) the limit by Karolina Sobecka, Christopher Baker and Ken Caldeira

- Centrefold:
GoatMan, prosthetics to live as a goat by Thomas Thwaites

- Books/Dvds:
Elizaveta Pritychenko / Twitter bot encyclopedia
Marcel O'Gorman / Necromedia
edited by Peter Weibel / Global Activism, art and conflict in the 21st century
edited by Matteo Marangoni / No Patent Pending, self-made performative media
edited by Olga Goriunova / Fun and Software, exploring pleasure, paradox and pain in computing
edited by David Novak and Matt Sakakeeny / Keywords in Sound
Thomas Koner / The Futurist Manifesto
edited by Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler, Christine Peters / Acts of Voicing
Rob Stone / Auditions: Architecture and Aurality
Novi_sad + Works of Ryoichi Kurokawa / Sirens
edited by Edward A. Shanken / Systems
edited by Joasia Krysa and Jussi Parikka / Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi 2048
David Bard-Schwarz / An Introduction to Electronic Art Through the Teaching of Jacques Lacan: Strangest Thing
Carolyn L. Kane / Chromatic Algorithms
Edited by Carlos Cardenas, Vincent Justin, Marie Maertens / Collect Digital Video Art

- CD Reviews:
Kenneth Kirschner: Compressions & Rarefactions: 12k
VVAA: A Simple Procedure: Estuary Ltd.
Prequel Tapes: Inner Systems: R’COUP’D
Devin DiSanto / Nick Hoffman: Three Exercises: Erstwhile Records
Jonas Olesen: Piece For Corroded Digital Audio Tape: BIN
Arturas Bumšteinas: Gamelan Descending a Staircase: Crónica
Sven Kacirek: Songs From Okinawa: Pingipung Records
Gregory Büttner: Wenn uns jemand hört…: 1000füssler
Asmus Tietchens: Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins): LINE
VVAA: Nordic Sound Art: Nordic Sound Art / Kuno
Richard Garet: 60′ Cassette: The Helen Scarsdale Agency
VVAA: Doppeldoppelgänger: Shelter Press
R. Schwarz: The Scale Of Things: Gruenrekorder
Alberto Novell aka JesterN and Flavio Zanuttini: Le Retour Des Oiseaux: Bowindo Recordings
Yaporigami: A Hectic Truer: FF'Space
Ricardo Donoso: Machine to Machine: Denovali Records | Denovali Festival
Andre Stordeur: Complete Analog and Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000: Sub Rosa
Heitor Alvelos: Faith: Touch
Crypto Tropic: Crypto Tropic: Le Cabanon Records
Mural: Tempo: SOFA music

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Sebastian Frisch – Biophonic Garden, botanical sound communications

"Everyone knows that plants grow towards light, but empirical studies on the effect of sound on plants have shown results that are less easily explained. Biophonic Garden by Sebastian Frisch presents an experiment..."

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VVAA – Doppeldoppelganger – Shelter Press (2 LP)

"A powerful selection by David Simple and Vincent Romagny, this double LP is a compilation of tracks by artists (Félicia Atkinson, bruant&spangaro), sound from films..."

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VVAA – Doppeldoppelganger – Shelter Press (2 LP)

"A powerful selection by David Simple and Vincent Romagny, this double LP is a compilation of tracks by artists (Félicia Atkinson, bruant&spangaro), sound from films..."

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Christopher Vitale - Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age. A Manifesto - Zero Books

"We still have no comprehensive understanding of networks. Technological and economic impacts are reasonably well-documented but..."

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Rare Earthenware, crafting the sense of guilt by by Unknown Fields Division (in collaboration with Kevin Callaghan)

"The social black hole where all the electronic waste is left to poison the environment..."

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Heitor Alvelos – Faith – Touch

"The cavernous sounds that unravel through the 12 sections of this album feel very organic and..."

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Dominik Bartmanski, Ian Woodward
Vinyl: The Analogue Record in the Digital Age

"Vinyl is one of the oldest living media, with an intriguing mixture of tactility, sound quality..."

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Two bits of David Bowie's vision we published as short news in the early mp3-era (2001-2002). He established a web radio for kids inspired by his little daughter, forecasted the end of music copyright by 2012 while taking part of Omikron videogame as 3D avatar.

"Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity."
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Cuckoo, invisible encryption on social networks by by Jochen Maria Weber…/cuckoo-invisible-encryption-on-social-n…/
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