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Hey guys. So my UP2 band broke for the 3rd time so I said screw it and went and bought a fitbit flex 2. Looks basically identical. Problem is... The software sucks compared to jawbone.

For example, when it automatically detects a workout, you can't adjust it. You have to delete it, then manually add a workout to do that. I didn't do an hour of crossfit to have fitbit tell me I spent 25 minutes doing a 'sport' and burned a measly 125 calories!

Gone are the motivational suggestions and smiley faces, cheering my teammates on, and gone are the duels. Sure, I have like 7 friends on the app, but there is no interaction. Gone is the awesome sleep tracking, and the challenges to step up your goals. Fitbit app is so much more impersonal. UP is warm and makes you feel good.

But it looks like Jawbone is dying, and from here it looks like they have a brilliant product, but my original UP broke after 5 months and now the UP2 turns out to have a 2 month life before the band breaks.

Just venting, not sure what to do next. I can still return my fitbit and probably get my 4th repladement UP2... That is, if they have any more.

Hey folks... Now that friend feeds are separate from my feed, I'm adding team members again. Feel free to add me. Frederick Gotfredson 

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Hi everyone! I just got my up2 and I love it. I had the original for a few months prior. I don't have any friends on the app though. So if anyone wants to add me that would be awesome! Good to be a part of the community. 

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