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Michel Bellegarde
“ journey within” ૐ
“ journey within” ૐ

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Pir Elias Amidon - Sama
Out of beginningless time the bird of your love arrives and perches here in my heart. On its way to endlessness it has no need for hurry. It sings and the whole world dances! Waves bow to their partner the shore, stars wink and flirt with the night, the orc...

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Anna Wood - Silence
Silence is radical. When sustained, it has an effect on your
perception comparable to that of any number of chemicals with which you
might seek change. Your vision transforms, to start with; you suddenly
find yourself absorbing what’s on the periphery, m...

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Elaine Maria Upton - Silence II
Silence is not a lack of words. Silence is not a lack of music. Silence is not a lack of curses. Silence is not a lack of screams. Silence is not a lack of colors or voices or bodies or whistling wind. Silence is not a lack of anything. Silence is resting, ...

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Andy Weir - The Egg
Egg by Salvator Dali You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMTs tried their best to save you, but to no a...

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Lorin Roche - Return to the Luminous
art Pieter Weltevrede   yatha tatha yatra tatra dvadashante manah kshipet pratikshanam kshena vritteh vailak shanyam dinaih bhavet Navaswan by Lorin Roch This body is sustained by altars To the radiant nectar of life – Around you, an ocean of air Ready to b...

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John Astin - Come rest
Come rest here, here, in this thought, this feeling, this moment of great sorrow or joy. Come rest, here in the sounds of the children laughing and the anguished cries of those who imagine they have lost their way. Come rest here, here in the cradle of a wa...

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Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh - Here even Love is bewildered
  Vimeo . Through Love , I have reached a place where no trace of Love remains. Where "I" and "we" and the painting of existence have all been forgotten and left behind. Now who can know where I am, here where no knowledge, no opinion can be found . Here ev...

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Maghrebi - Until you let go of your self
Smash the jug; you’re the water, not the jug. Let go of yourself; you are the ocean, not the stream. Take a journey beyond your self; you will see Oneness. Leave behind “I” and “you”; you will see you are Him. How long do you continue to travel around the w...

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Rumi - I Swear By You
art Mahmoud Farshchian  I am all in a frenzy again, That way I swear by you. I tear off the bounds you bind me with, I swear by you. I am crazy enough to tie up demons. I speak to the birds, I am Solomon. I swear by you. I do not want this fleeting life. Yo...

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Rumi - Lesson in metaphysics
Whole worlds are manifested by Divine Intelligence (‘aql), which is like an ocean. All the forms of existence are like cups or bowls floating on the face of the water. They float for a while, and eventually they fill with water and sink back to the depths f...
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