Business Safety Alert:  Getty Images

There's a LOT of discussion this week that Getty Images - a company notorious for suing people's butts off for copyright infringement - has made their library available for free. 

Please be sure you understand that that is not "free for everyone", especially not most business owners. 

You MUST use their method of embedding - rather than downloading and uploading the image - and you may NOT use the image for commercial uses. 

Quote: "Blogs that draw revenues from Google Ads will still be able to use the Getty Images embed player at no cost. “We would not consider this commercial use,” says Peters. “The fact today that a website is generating revenue would not limit the use of the embed. What would limit that use is if they used our imagery to promote a service, a product or their business. They would need to get a license.” A spokeswoman for Getty Images confirms to BJP that editorial websites, from The New York Times to Buzzfeed, will also be able to use the embed feature as long as images are used in an editorial context."

Regardless of how open this seems, this is the exact reason that I will continue keeping my business completely away from Getty. 

You're risking a deal with the devil... from a company that has notoriously been very mean... by gambling. 

The choice is certainly up to you, but I do not recommend it for most website owners.  There are certainly legitimate and easy-to-prove-in-court uses of this... but I'd personally rather not have to even worry about that in the first place. 

Also, because you must use the embed tool, you can not use these images for things like native pinterest pins, instagram uploads, or even in the manner that I'm using the image below (which I made from an image purchased at to post directly on social media. 

You can learn more about protecting your business and understanding your image use rights here:

Read more about Getty's TOS change:
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It sucks as well for the photographers
"You give us the rights to your image and we give you a percentage of whatever we sell it for" .... and then they give them away
I agree +Kimberly Brink-Castleberry I wouldn't touch Getty with a barge-pole. Their business model is to invest in lawyers to make money by suing companies that are smaller than themselves. 
I'm steering well clear of them, I just don't like the gray areas in their T&Cs. 
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