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Kimberly Brink-Castleberry
Works at Social Media Technology Specialist. WordPress, FB, G+, Twitter & more. Helping small and micro businesses excell in social and internet marketing. Contact me for more.
Attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Lives in Carlyle, IL
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If you're getting SMS (text message) spam on your mobile phone, here's what to do about it...

(Since writing this, we've confirmed that the UK, NZ, Australia, and several other major countries all have phone providers that support the same short code reporting method.)
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Good tip, thanks.
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Yup, the evolution of #Windows  is something like this, LOL!
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+Kimberly Brink-Castleberry Even with my Ulra Book I rarely use Metro. Its great for smudging the screen but that's it :-).
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A little Easter egg humor...
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Here's a little #FidoFriday  fun!
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Lol nice!
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Have her in circles
22,225 people
"Automattic, the company that runs blogging platforms and WordPress VIP, is out raising between $100 million and $150 million in new venture capital funding, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation."

#WordPress   #Automattic  
Automattic, the company behind, is raising between $100 million and $150 million in venture capital funding.
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An update is available for you computer! 
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And snow leopard was 30; pretty sure you paid for Leopard.
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Hoppy Easter... 
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That's ONE way to handle a vehicle accident that could start a forest fire if you can't get trucks there in time... LOL

Everyone up for a bath??

That's military grade flying though, with that sort of target control. Guess there is a use for old flyboys after all ;-)

Water bomber

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The 5 Biggest Lies On The Internet... 
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If I actually laughed I type ha ha. If it was funny but only chuckle-worthy, I type LOL.
If I'm pretty sure you thought it was funny and you seem to be expecting an acknowledgement of that, I use the lower-case lol. 
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Have her in circles
22,225 people
Social Media Marketing & Technology Consultant
  • Social Media Technology Specialist. WordPress, FB, G+, Twitter & more. Helping small and micro businesses excell in social and internet marketing. Contact me for more., present
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Carlyle, IL
Carlyle, IL - Carbondale, IL - Mascoutah, IL

*Outbound Circles I Want You to Put Me In*

If you wanted to know what things I think would be fun to receive when you're sharing with certain circles, here's what I'd want to know about: 

* Business news (not always marketing)
* Cool tech news (but not TC and Mashable and RWW, I read them)
* Modern Pop, Modern Rock & Modern Country also Trance Music shares 
* Cool medical, health, and science news
* Feed my lolcat addiction 
* Anything to make me laugh

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Animal Science, Pre-Vet (Medical Research, Repro-Phys specialization), 1999 - 2005
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