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My birthday was two days ago, and as a present for myself I'm biting the bullet and announcing the relaunch now. 

Together we can make this great game a reality, but to do so, I need your help.

Start spreading the word now, and get ready to back on Day One!

The more people who back Cultists on the first day of the campaign, the more momentum we can get, the better the launch is, the better the campaign will be, and the better the game will be. 

That's why I'm announcing this now, and putting out this challenge: if we can reach the new, lower funding goal of $35,000 in the first 48 hours (which we can, we made it last time, all that needs to happen is you make the pledge again) then every copy of the game will get the 2 player mode included FOR FREE! If we don't make it in the first 48 hours, I'll most likely include it as another add-on, but I'd much rather give it to you for free. So let's make this happen!

You've all been absolutely wonderful. The support you've shown, the encouragement, even the angry emails demanding I relaunch immediately, without them I don't think we'd be here. Now there's just one more step. Get ready to back on Tuesday, July 28th, spread the word, and let's get this game made!

Happy gaming,

Thomas Eliot and Joshua Wright

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It's been aeons since we last spoke, come over to the latest kickstarter update and see what we've been up to:

About to give an invited talk on game design at Baruch College!

Professor Pugnacious demo this Thursday at 6pm at Uncommons! 230 Thompson Street

I'll be running the Indy Boardgames Panel at PAX East, with special guest Chris Batarlis of Everything Epic Games! 10:30 AM on Friday, April 11th in the Cuttlefish Room. Don't miss it!

Let's Level Up reviews Professor Pugnacious (spoilers: he really likes it)

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Character concept art, and our first glimpse at a shoggoth!
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A fan, Erika Philipp, cosplaying as one of Professor Pugnacious' prize pupils!

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A Professor of Anthropology keeps this office 
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