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100% Corrosion- Electronics- Humidity- PROTECTION
100% Corrosion- Electronics- Humidity- PROTECTION

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IS anticorrosive anti-corrosive protection antirust corrosion protection corrosion prevention corrosion protection coatings corrosion protection spray moisture guard moisture proof protection against corrosion protection from corrosion protective coating protective face protective film rust protection rust protection products rust protection spray rust protection electronic rust prevention anti-corrosion coating body cavity protection temporary transport protection temporarily transport protection repairspray electricity electronics electrical connection method joining technique wax protection aerosol spray coat conservation fluid gel gel coat iinsulation liquid sealing protect from moisture acids and alkalis clamminess dampness dankness dewiness humidity lubrication moisture wet salt water sea protection wetness sogginess

FOR metal electrical electrical circuit boards PCB contacts mechanics car trucks bike motorcycle bike boat nautic boat building services garden equipment
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IST Isolierspray Electronics Elektroschutz Elektronikschutz Elektroschutzspray Elektronikschutzspray Elektronikspray Corrosion Rust Korrosionsschutzspray Korrosionsschutzmittel Korrosionsschutz Rostschutzspray Rostschutzmittel Rostschutz Humidity Feuchtigkeitsschutz Kontaktspray Repairspray Reparaturspray Schmiermittel Politur Hohlraumversiegelung Hohlraumkonservierung FÜR Metalle Elektro Elektrik Elektronik Platinen Leiterplatten Kontakte Mechanik Auto KFZ Fahrrad Motorrad Bike Boot Schiff Nautic Haustechnik Gartentechnik Maschinentechnik

SCHÜTZT VOR Wasser Salzwasser Meerwasser Feuchtigkeit Nässe Wasserschaden korrosive Medien Oxidation Kriechstrom Kurzschluss

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